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AstaReal® Astaxanthin from the microalgae, Haematococcus pluvialis, is a natural carotenoid that can be found in arctic marine environments. Astaxanthin is what gives the pink and red color to salmon, shrimp and lobster. The most abundant source of Astaxanthin in nature is Haematococcus pluvialis, which will accumulate Astaxanthin in lipid vesicles during periods of nutrient deficiency and environmental stress.
Natural Astaxanthin has a unique molecular structure that makes it hundreds of times stronger than any other antioxidant molecule. Nature‘s most powerful antioxidant for healthy living, athletic performance and graceful aging.
- Astaxanthin L5 Oleoresin 5 %
- Astaxanthin L10 Oleoresin 10 %
- Astaxanthin EL25 water dispersible powder,
   encapsulated 2.5 %
- Astaxanthin A1010 spray dried biomass 5 %
Health Benefits: Astaxanthin Improves Muscle Endurance
• Boosts muscle recovery
• Lowers lactic acid and fatigue
• Reduces muscle damage and inflammation
• Improves blood flow and the quality of blood cells
• Enhances fat metabolism by improving
mitochondria function
Astaxanthin Strengthens the Immune System
• Faster immune response
• Increases the amount of white blood cells
• Better capacity of the phagocytes to attack
Astaxanthin Enhances Skin´s Natural Beauty
• Revitalizes photoaged skin by quenching
oxidative stress and inflammation in all skin layers
• Reduces the size of wrinkles and improves skin
• Improves elasticity in the skin by strengthening
the collagen layer
Astaxanthin Boosts Cardiovascular Health
• Improves blood lipid profile
• Reduces oxidative stress
• Enhances capillary circulation
• Reduces LDL oxidation and decreases plaque
formation                                                                        Application:                                                                     
 - Vegi Capsules
- SoftGel Capsules
- Granulates
- Liquids
- Soft-Gums
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Categories Contract manufacturing; Encapsulation; Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe
Product Applications Dairy; Food Supplements; Sports Nutrition
Product Certifications Halal; Kosher; Natural; Sustainable Seafood

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