Product description

Phosphates are very versatile, both in the way they function and in the range of applications. In addition, phosphates play an essential role in energy metabolism and bone formation in the body.Below you will find an overview of the properties and possible applications of our phosphates in food.

Functions:pH buffer
Water retention
Sequestering agent
Dispersing agent
Anticaking agent

Application examples:
Meat & sausages
Fish & Seafood
Baked goods
Potato products
Processed cheese
Dairy products
Egg products
Fats & margarines
Instant products
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Categories Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe
Product Applications Bakery; Dairy; Frozen food; Meat & meat products; Seafood
Product Certifications Kosher; Sustainable Seafood; Vegan; Vegetarian

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