Givaudan reconvenes Chefs Council

23 Sep 2019

Givaudan has announced its latest Givaudan’s Chef’s Council event focusing on protein.

In this edition, four international chefs will take on the challenge of creating delicious taste in plant-based meat alternatives, which the company believes is one of the strongest dietary shifts and greatest innovation opportunities in the food industry today, as well as generating new inspiration for, and redefining, traditional meat products.

Givaudan reconvenes Chefs Council

Givaudan’s Chef’s Council, said to be an industry first that originally launched in 2006, brings together some of the most creative culinary minds in the world to focus on a current challenging theme. This approach has, according to the company, led Givaudan to some astonishing innovative culinary breakthroughs over the past decade; this October, Givaudan will continue the tradition. Givaudan believes that culinary expertise and inspiration will be great levers in encouraging consumers to get more of their proteins from non-meat sources and to bring desirable new plant-based dishes to consumers’ plates, so it was a clear choice as a theme for this year’s event.

Each chef will be developing and presenting culinary approaches with a strong focus on plant proteins. By addressing areas that include plant protein snacks; modern barbecuing; and considering how the techniques and benefits of slow cooking meat may be applied to meat alternatives, they will, says Givaudan, create the next generation of plant based foods.

Flavio Garofalo, Global Category Director Savoury Flavours and Natural Ingredients said: “All our 2019 chefs are experts in protein and plant-based meals and we are very excited to see the ideas and solutions they will be presenting to our challenging protein briefs. The Givaudan’s Chef’s Council programme has a distinguished history of producing strong commercial results from these creative challenges. Our highly successful Richness, Freshness and Beyond Sweetness products, to name a few, have all grown out of past Givaudan’s Chef’s Council events, and we believe that our 2019 event will be no exception.”

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