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The natural power of almonds

27 Oct 2022

Rich in nutrients and antioxidant properties, this powerful and versatile seed carries benefits for gastric metabolism, heart health and even diabetics.

Concern for health and well-being has never been more evident than in recent years, with global movements that encourage conscious food consumption, more balanced diets and the restriction of some ingredients. And care in maintaining a balanced diet plays a central role in the routines of most people, regardless of age group, since nutrients are a key factor for the proper functioning of the body and mind.

The natural power of almonds
Photo courtesy of Almond Board of California

Studies show that the demand for plant-based protein-rich foods is on the rise. Research carried out by Innova Market Insights shows that there has been a 68% annual increase in plant-based foods and beverages launched on the market in the last five years. Another number reveals a significant change in habits among consumers: growth of 29% in sales of plant-based foods with the potential to replace those of animal origin.

Faced with this current scenario, plant-derived protein, which for a long time was reduced to a secondary role, has become everyone’s hero, especially oilseeds. This is the case with almonds, present in the diets of vegans, vegetarians, consumers with gluten restrictions, but also recommended by doctors and nutritionists for being a rich source of nutrients and carrying a series of health benefits.

Let's dive deeper to better understand the composition of an almond and how its superpowers can change your life. A handful of 23 almonds contains 6 grams of vegetable protein, 4 grams of fibre and 13 grams of unsaturated fat. In addition, it has a large amount of vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and important antioxidant properties.

Thanks to this package of nutrients and for being a quick and convenient meal option, almonds have become a reliable food source that suits any time of the day, even as an ingredient in more elaborate recipes.

How almonds can benefit your health

Studies by Sterling Rice Group show that having affordable, healthy food choices available, such as almonds, drives consumers away from less healthy options. Consumers see this type of dried fruit at the top of the oilseed scale as a healthy food, good for weight management and the heart, and rich in energy and nutrients. As they have protein and fibre in their composition, they have the power to stay satiated for a long time.

In fact, almonds have valuable nutrients for good cardiovascular functioning: they are free of cholesterol and have only 1 gram of saturated fat in a serving of 23 almonds.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, there is scientific evidence to suggest, but not prove, that eating about 40 grams of nuts a day, such as almonds, can reduce the risk of a heart attack. They also act positively on digestive tract, with a probiotic effect that helps protect the immune system and maintain well-being, as well as benefit patients with type 2 diabetes by balancing blood glucose control.

We often find it difficult to have a balanced meal in the rush of everyday life, with little time to make healthy choices. Therefore, foods rich in nutrients, such as almonds, have the power to serve as an important natural fuel to maintain energy in your daily activities. This, for sure, makes us more satisfied, happy, and excited.

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