1 may 2023
Vitafoods Europe Online and In-Person

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BOTALYS makes the sourcing of rare medicinal plants both possible & sustainable through biomimetic indoor farming.

Biomimetic indoor farming recreates optimal wild-like conditions inside a controlled and purified environment. This unique approach allows BOTALYS to grow rare medicinal plants equivalent to wild harvested plants but with an optimized molecular profile and absolute purity.

Thanks to this innovative proprietary technology, BOTALYS is able to produce the most pristine quality botanicals in the world. From absolute purity to complete standardization, BOTALYS has taken up the bold challenge of ticking all the boxes of an ideal botanicals supply. So that our clients no longer have to choose between quality, effectiveness and sustainability.

Our first fully developed botanical is Korean ginseng, but BOTALYS' Team is currently working on the development of several other rare medicinal plants. BOTALYS also has the ability to develop unique rare plants through exclusive partnerships with industry leaders.

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Vitafoods Europe Online and In-Person

1 - 12 May 2023 - Online Visit us at stand B51