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TOP promotes sugar replacement alternatives

After extensive research TOP says it has found smart, healthy and tasty formulas in which sugar can be completely replaced, while the microbiological safety as well as the taste of the product are preserved.

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Mainstream trends transforming the sports nutrition market

Mainstream consumers have become more interested in sports nutrition, bringing better flavour and more diverse ingredients to the sports nutrition sector.

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Cocoa Barometer 2018 report published

“Current approaches will not solve the problem at scale. Companies and governments need to acknowledge the urgency, and make a change. Efforts that cover less than 50% cannot be called ‘solutions’.”

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Latest news

PLT,  zümXR collaborate on green coffee beans

PLT, zümXR collaborate on green coffee beans 

21 May 2018
Firmenich expans California footprint

Firmenich expans California footprint 

21 May 2018
Callebaut launches 21st Chocolate Academy

Callebaut launches 21st Chocolate Academy 

18 May 2018

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Latest products

Leiber Veaty® product range

Leiber GmbH

This concept especially has been created as solution for vegetarian & vegan applications, like: meat analogues, textured vegetable proteins (TVP), spreads, high protein applications, etc. and is based on a “building block system” which consists of the 3 basic functionalities:
Off-taste masking ...

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High Nucleotide Yeast Extract - ZH1820

Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

The flagship product of our high nucleotide yeast extract which brings our natural nucleotide to a level higher than 18%.  It is great as a flavor enhancer and booster and rounded umami, kokumi with the original taste.

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Ultra International Limited

Experience the authenticity of our new granular flavours which bring pure sensorial delight.

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Coconut Milk Powder

Thai Food Product International Co., Ltd.

It is dried creamy powder with natural coconut aroma. It can be simply mixed it with warm water to obtain coconut milk, and thickness is based on their mixing. You will get rich cream that is ideal for many kind of foods :
- Curries
- Desserts
- Cocktail
- Confectionery

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Ginsenoside compound K & fermented ginseng

Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.

High purity ginsenoside compound K is available now.

skin whitening
Alzheimer disease
memory improvement
Bone joint

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Brenntag Brazil

Brenntag Brazil provides a wide range of food products which includes Vanillin. It is a flavoring agent used in beverages, ice cream, candies, cookies and cakes. Contact us for more information. We are ready to assist you. 

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Dried Onion Minced

Ganesh Dehy Foods

Dehydrated onion minced of various sizes. 

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Aroma Top

C&P Additives

Taste enhancer, without MSG, for all kind of meat and fish products, specially for products with high MDM and water content. 

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Citric acid Monohydrate / anhydrous

Sinoright International Trade Co Ltd

Citric Acid is a weak organic acid, and is triprotic acid. It is a natural preservative and is also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to foods and soft drinks. In biochemistry, it is important as an intermediate in the citric acid cycle and therefore occurs in the metabolism of almost all living things. I...

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NAT taste™


 Made from high quality raw materials and gently processed, NAT taste™ ingredients solutions open up a world of possibilities for giving your products a unique flavor profile that will delight consumers. Whether you use them alone or as complement to your flavor base, they will help you creating indulgen...

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Corbian offers a wide variety of products which includes purac powder MA. It is a special blend of SHM and malic acid. The blend is a white granulated powder based on malic acid. It has a characteristic malic acid flavor and a fruity taste. Contact us for more information.

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Yeast Products

De Monchy Natural Products BV

LBI - Inactive Whole Cell Yeast

Lyfe™ - Yeast Flavors and Extracts

Lake States® - Torula Yeast

Engevita™ - Nutritional Yeast

Yesto-Seal® - Tabletting Brewers Yeast

FNI - Yeast for Fermentation

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Rice Protein


Rice protein is a concentrated fraction of the entire rice grain, produced through a wet milling and all-natural proprietary process. Its production process is a series of fermentation, filtration and enzyme processing to remove the protein and fibre from the rice grain. Sprouted whole grain brown rice is...

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AkzoNobel Salt

OneGrain® is a unique solution that brings different ingredients together in a new grain of salt; OneGrain® contains the optimal balance of sodium salt, potassium salt and flavor. The flavor brings back the salty taste while masking the negative taste of the potassium salt. Since all ingredients are homogenou...

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We offer a variety of CURRY POWDER  that match the taste requirement of any palate. Different spices differ in form, flavor and aroma. Our range of curry powder is a perfect blend of spices mixed in accurate proportion to give the different curries an exotic taste. We assure purity and quality of our spi...

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Lactosan NCB - Natural Culinary Booster®

Lactosan A/S

Lactosan NCB - Natural Culinary Booster® is a range of speciality Cheese Powders made from various carefully selected raw Cheeses aged to a definite chemical composition to match our specifications. Lactosan NCB - Natural Culinary Boster® is available in both vegetarian/Halal certified and non-vegetarian...

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Stevia extracts


Tereos PureCircle Solutions provides reduced-calorie sweetening solutions of natural origin to the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers. The combination of high purity stevia extracts and sugars successfully deliver clear solutions addressing a wide range of calorie reduction targets and applic...

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Black/White Chia Seed

Andean Grain Products

Black/White Chia Seed (Conventional/Organic)

Chia seeds are a highly nutritious “ancient grain” native to the Americas that were historically consumed by both the Aztecs and Mayans.

The health benefits of chia seeds have only recently been rediscovered. Chia seeds provide the hi...

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Jiangyin Healthway Int. Trade Co Ltd

CAS#  28588-74-1 FEMA#  3188

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Kancor Ingredients Ltd

Supercritical fluid extraction is an efficient separation method, to separate active ingredients from plant material. Supercritical solvent extraction is one of the gentlest, most flexible, dynamic and nature friendly techniques used for the extraction of spices, herbs and flowers using food grade CO2. These ...

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All Food Ingredients

OKCHEM (Hangzhou Alpha Technology Co Ltd)

OKCHEM Mall offers a wide range of food products which includes all sweeteners, acidity-regulators, humectants, flavour enhancers, thickeners, etc . Contact us for more information.

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Dehydrated Red Beet

Afoods Group Ltd (Ningbo Afood Agriculture Co Ltd)

Afoods Group Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes dehydrated red beet. Features: it is produced from red beet which have been washed, cut, rewashed, hot-air dried, sorted, and packed. Appearance: free flowing beet flakes . Contact us for more information.

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Optimo Milky Whey - SMP Replacer

BEMPRESA Sp. z o.o.

Sweet Whey Powder produced by means of a spray method from fresh whey. It is not subjected to lactose crystallization process and it is obtained by evaporating a part of the water contained in it. Lactose is in amorphous form which affects increased sweetness and fluffy structure of the Sweet Whey Powder....

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MEGGLE Wasserburg GmbH & Co KG

Category: Coffee Creamers and Cappuccino Foamers

MEGGLITE products are spray-dried coffee whiteners, based on vegetable fats in various types and fat contents. These products provide a full-bodied taste and are suitable through its free flowability and further characteristics for various appl...

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Yeast Culture



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SFL 100 RF G3

NuTek Food Science

Sal for Life provides the solution without the bitter or off flavor of traditional potassium salt allowing companies to achieve better nutrition without sacrificing flavor, functionality or food safety. The product can be blended with salt ( sodium chloride) to get the desired sodium reduction in foods.

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Gellan Gum

Dangshan Sinojuice Food Co., Ltd

 Gellan gum as a kind of multi-functional additives could be widely used in process of food (e.g. Gelatin products, fruit base products, starch base product, drinks and so on), drugs (soft and hard capsules), cosmetics (e.g. Personal care products), chemicals (e.g. Air fresher) , textiles, petrol and so ...

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Wild dried blueberries, apple juice infused (organic & conventional)

Fruit d'Or

The dried wild blueberries are processed from sound and matures wild blueberries (vaccinium angustifolium), well coloured and tasty, first quality. They are infused in an apple juice solution. Then the fruits are dried until the moisture level required and sprayed with a light quality of sunflower oil. No pre...

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Henan Green Chemical Co Ltd

Henan Green Chemical Co., Ltd. offers wide range of products which includes xylose. It belongs to food additive category. Contact us for more information.

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Wholegrain Polenta

Molino Peila SpA

Wholegrain corn flour. Milled like in ancient times, by keeping bran part of corn kernel .“Country-style” taste, like true traditional polenta. Cooking time aprox. 30/40 min. It is also used in cakes and biscuits where colour and taste of wholegrain part is quite strong. Gluten-free product.

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