IOI Loders Croklaan launches "next generation" palm oil alternative

IOI Loders Croklaan Europe has launched Presdough 270 SB, which it describes as the next-generation shea-based palm oil alternative for excellence in bakery products.

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Frutarom: oops - they did it again

Frutarom has made its eighth purchase of 2017 with the acquisition of 60% of the shares of Thai company The Mighty Co for approx. $12 million, valuing the company at around $20 million.

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Frutarom raises 2020 sales target to $2.25 billion

Frutarom raises 2020 sales target to $2.25 billion 

24 Nov 2017
Bayn signs agreement for sugar reduction in China

Bayn signs agreement for sugar reduction in China 

24 Nov 2017
Gelita symposium attracts almost 80 attendees

Gelita symposium attracts almost 80 attendees 

24 Nov 2017

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Latest products

Saprona Salt

C & P Additives

C & P Additives provides wide range of shelf life extenders which includes Saprona Salt. It can reduce the sodium content in existing formulas by 45 % to 60%. Application: meat, dairy, bakery, sauces and dressings. The dosage varies according to application. Contact us for more information.

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Freeze-dried Vegetables or Herbs

Nantong Bright-Ranch Foodstuffs Co Ltd

Asparagus Green or White; Chives European variety; Spinach; Edamame Bean; Green/White Onion; Corn Sweet; Peas Green/Garden ... in the shape of Whole, Pieces, Tips, Rolls, Granule or Grit, Powders.  

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Verdad Powder N6


Corbion offers a wide variety of products which includes verdad powder N6. It is designed for reducing microbial spoilage in fresh meat. It is specifically developed for applications where powder form is preferred. Contact us for more information.

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NaSure Natural Solutions


Our NaSure™ range of plant-based antioxidant solutions offers you a natural alternative shelf-life extension, with high antioxidant activity proven to protect food and ensure longer stability.  Our tailor-made natural antioxidant solutions have been developed with ...

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Siveele BV

Nataseen®-W is a liquid Natamycin product, which remains into stable suspension after addition of water. With our latest technology, this product could have better performance than traditional Natamycin product. It is ready to use and suitable for spray and dipping.

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AkzoNobel Salt

OneGrain® is a unique solution that brings different ingredients together in a new grain of salt; OneGrain® contains the optimal balance of sodium salt, potassium salt and flavor. The flavor brings back the salty taste while masking the negative taste of the potassium salt. Since all ingredients are homogenou...

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Black/White Chia Seed

Andean Grain Products

Black/White Chia Seed (Conventional/Organic)

Chia seeds are a highly nutritious “ancient grain” native to the Americas that were historically consumed by both the Aztecs and Mayans.

The health benefits of chia seeds have only recently been rediscovered. Chia seeds provide the hi...

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Chr. Hansen

Market challenge

As consumers we have probably all felt the pain of food poisoning, found a yogurt at the back of the fridge with green hairy mold on it and thrown away food that had gone bad. At the same time most of us are increasingly concerned about what we eat and scrutinize the label f...

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Sorbic Acid



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calcium propionate feed grade


It is a kind of food and feed additive, used as preservatives. It can be  white powder or granular. In west, it was widly used in bakery and feed industry. 

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Denico Food Ingredients

Denico Aps delivers functional ingredients, additives, spices and flavour compounds as single ingredients such as phosphates. Contact us for more information.

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Mohan Impex

Mohan Impex offers a wide range of preservatives which includes tbhq. Contact us for more information.

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Azelis offers wide range of food and health products which includes preservatives. Applications: bakery, beverages, cereals, confectionery, dairy, yoghurt, cheese, dessert, ice cream, flavors, meat, poultry, fish, oil, fats, spreads etc. Contact us for more information.

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Rospherol and Block-ox


Wide range of natural and synthetic antioxidants that prevent fat oxidation. Available in powder and liquid form.
Rospherol T: natural range of pure or mixed antioxidants. Rosemary extract, natural mixed tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitateBlock-ox: synthetic range of antioxdants as BHA, BHT, TBHQ and propyl...

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IMCD India Pvt Ltd

IMCD India Pvt Ltd Offers a wide range of nutritious ingredients which includes preservatives. Contact us for more information.

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Sorbic acid

Yasham Speciality Ingredients Pvt Ltd

Yasham speciality ingredients pvt ltd provides numerous food additives which includes sorbic acid. It belongs to preservatives category. Contact us for more information.

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SODIUM ERYTHORBATE/ Sodium D-isoascorbate

Qingdao On-Billion Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sodium Erythorbate falls into the category of biological products, and can be applied to a large variety of foods. It is an antioxidant and acts as a preservative in order to maintain freshness (eg: canned meat, meat products, marine products, vegetables, fruits, jams, juices, beers, wine,...

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B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Guaranatu® - The new power-guarana!

Guaranatu® is new and unique in the field of nutritional supplements.
With its circulation-enhancing and brain stimulating effect, Guaranatu® is perfectly suitable for increasing powers of performance.
It is patent protected and because it ...

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Xantho-Flav Pure

Hopsteiner - Simon H. Steiner Hopfen GmbH

Hopsteiner offers a wide range of brewing products which includes xantho-flav pure. It belongs to xanthohumol products category. It is a natural product produced from hops. The main substance of it is the hop compound xanthohumol. It can be used as raw material for food production and is suitable for use in t...

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Glyceryl monolaurate

Hangzhou KangYuan Food Science&Technology Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou kangyuan food science offers a wide range of products which includes glyceryl monolaurate. It belongs to preservatives class category. It is a lipophilic nonionic surfactant, naturally present in breast milk and palmetto, and is an internationally recognized good food emulsifiers, but it is also a sa...

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Sodium lactate


JINDAN Europe BV offers a wide range of lactates including sodium lactate in liquid and powder form. Sodium lactate is used often in the processed meat and fish industry to control the microbiological growth. Contact us for more information.

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Erythorbic Acid

Hugestone Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hugestone enterprise co. Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes erythorbic acid. It belongs to preservatives/antioxidants category. Contact us for more information.

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Valisin® - Nisin

Mayasan Food Industries A.S

Valisin® is an natural additive obtained by the fermentation of not genetically modified strain of Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis. The nisin is a natural bactericide, approved by the EU additive number (number E234), active against a great number of gram positive bacteria, especially sporulat...

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Univar Food Ingredients

Including malic, citric, ascorbic, tartaric, lactic, phosphoric, erythorbic and more.

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Nanchang Tellcan Food Science & Technology Co Ltd

Nanchang tellcan food science & technology co ltd offers a wide range of series which includes preservativetkb01. It belongs to preservative category. Features: it is used in neutral dairy products, soy products, meat products. Contact us for more information.

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Size : 8 To 15 M.MPlace of Origin : Gujarat IndiaColor : WhiteAroma : Strong Aroma Represents Indian Origin ProductPacking : 14 Kg. Strong Poly Bag Inside Paper BagQualities : A-Grade, Commercial Grade

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ALCOHOL_Surfin 99


Surfin 99 is absolute alcohol obtained by dehydrating Surfin 96 grade alcohol. Highly purified, it is perfect as a natural extraction solvent.

Surfin 99 is made from sustainable agricultural raw materials, GMO-free, and is produced according to the most stringent environmental sta...

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Calcium Chloride

Vodni Sklo A.S.


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Sodium Erythorbate

Qingdao Foture International Trade Co Ltd

Qingdao Foture International Trade Co., Ltd offers a wide range of antioxidant which includes sodium erythorbate. Contact us for more information.

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Prasan Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd

Prasan Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd. offers wide range of products which includes presol™. Features: it reduces the rate of oxidation thus keeping the oil fresher for a longer time. It has longer shelf life. It is stable at high temperatures. It is used for sunflower oil, palm oil and for groundnut oil anf for p...

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