Fat Replacers


TOP promotes sugar replacement alternatives

After extensive research TOP says it has found smart, healthy and tasty formulas in which sugar can be completely replaced, while the microbiological safety as well as the taste of the product are preserved.

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Mainstream trends transforming the sports nutrition market

Mainstream consumers have become more interested in sports nutrition, bringing better flavour and more diverse ingredients to the sports nutrition sector.

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Cocoa Barometer 2018 report published

“Current approaches will not solve the problem at scale. Companies and governments need to acknowledge the urgency, and make a change. Efforts that cover less than 50% cannot be called ‘solutions’.”

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Latest news

PLT,  zümXR collaborate on green coffee beans

PLT, zümXR collaborate on green coffee beans 

21 May 2018
Firmenich expans California footprint

Firmenich expans California footprint 

21 May 2018
Callebaut launches 21st Chocolate Academy

Callebaut launches 21st Chocolate Academy 

18 May 2018

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  • BENEO GmbH
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  • Arla Foods Ingredients
  • Endemix
  • Nexira
  • Nutrilo GmbH
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Latest products

Fat Filled Whey Powders on vegetable fats


Fat filled whey powder (20-55%) is produced from pasteurized milk liquid whey and vegetable fats including further heat-treating, condensation, homogenization and drying on spray drier, intended for food use.

  • Appearance and consistency: Consistent fine dry powder. Lumps easily crushed follow...
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    Coconut Milk Powder

    Thai Food Product International Co., Ltd.

    It is dried creamy powder with natural coconut aroma. It can be simply mixed it with warm water to obtain coconut milk, and thickness is based on their mixing. You will get rich cream that is ideal for many kind of foods :
    - Curries
    - Desserts
    - Cocktail
    - Confectionery

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    Brenntag Brazil

    Brenntag Brazil provides a wide range of food products which includes Maltodextrin. It can be used as a fat replacer and to reduce sweetness. It can be applied in a wide range of products, from baked goods, desserts to sausage. Contact us for more information. We are ready to assist you. 

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    FD Sweet Corn Powder

    Qingdao Matsumoto Foods Co Ltd

    Qingdao Matsumoto Foods Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of food products which includes dehydrated vegetables and spice  with HACCP, BRC,KOSHER, HALAL etc. certificates . Pls contact us via for more information, tks.

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    Shellac machine-made dewaxed flakes

    A2 Trading

    The company offers a wide range of products in shellac category which includes shellac machine-made dewaxed flakes. Shellac is used as coating material in the food industry. Contact us for more information.

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    VIOGERM wheat germ granulates

    HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd

    HOCHDORF offers a wide range of wheat-based products. VIOGERM® wheat germ is the most valuable part of wheat and is ideally suited for many applications. It is rich in dietary fibre and protein as well as in minerals and vitamins. With its pleasant, nutty taste, VIOGERM® can used as a (partial) alternativ...

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    Rice Glucose Syrup


    Liquid glucose is a liquid solution of a nutritive sweetener, obtained through starch hydrolysis, using rice as a raw material, purified and concentrated to form required solids. It is also known as glucose syrup or rice syrup. It is an odourless and clear yellow viscous sweet syrup, processed and stored ...

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    Organic Coconut Oil

    Covico Coconut Solutions

    Organic, first pressed, cold pressed, unrefined oil from the coconut meat. Fat replacer, mouthfeel enhancer, or ingredient suited for further processing in food, beverage, supplement, and cosmetic industries

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    Nutrafood-Food for Health

    If you are looking for any type of cheese based filling, with or without palm oil, to use in hot or cold industrial phase, Nutrafood is your ideal partner. Its structure support both large that the small industry with recipes designed to meet the needs of customers. Also, organic certified. With two appli...

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    Konjac powder

    Luding Original Food Co., Ltd

    Konjac powder is a natural plant extract of food additives. As a thickener, stabilizers and emulsifiers are widely used in vegan food, meat products, dairy products, pudding and other food.

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    Black/White Chia Seed

    Andean Grain Products

    Black/White Chia Seed (Conventional/Organic)

    Chia seeds are a highly nutritious “ancient grain” native to the Americas that were historically consumed by both the Aztecs and Mayans.

    The health benefits of chia seeds have only recently been rediscovered. Chia seeds provide the hi...

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    Specialty Ingredients

    ABS Food Ltd

    ABS Food Ltd offers wide range of products which includes specialty ingredients. ABS offers specialty ingredients used in food manufacturing. These include extracted botanical oils, oleoresins and flavors, as well as other commonly used food ingredients. Contact us for more information.

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    MEGGLE Wasserburg GmbH & Co KG

    Category: Coffee Creamers and Cappuccino Foamers

    MEGGLITE products are spray-dried coffee whiteners, based on vegetable fats in various types and fat contents. These products provide a full-bodied taste and are suitable through its free flowability and further characteristics for various appl...

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    FatEmulsion 592

    Denico Food Ingredients

    Denico Aps provides a wide range of food products which includes fatemulsion 592. It will reduce or replace animal fat in any emulsified or combined meat product - replaces from 50% up to 100% animal fat in end product. Contact us for more information.

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    Instantgum™ is a full range of purified and instantized selected gum acacia, designed for a large range of functionalities. Depending on the origin of gum acacia, Instantgum™ offers specific properties. Advantages: major cost & time savings, provides excellent flavor retention, stability and shelf-life an...

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    Specialities Fats & Oil

    Gujarat Enterprises

    Gujarat Enterprises offers wide range of products which includes Specialities Fats & Oil. It belongs to fruit pulp, fruit cubes, fruit cocktail & titbits. Contact us for more information.

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    Fat replacers

    IMCD India Pvt. Ltd.

    IMCD India Pvt Ltd Offers a wide range of nutritious ingredients which includes fat replacers. Contact us for more information.

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    SANACEL add 035

    CFF GmbH & Co. KG

    SANACEL add 035 - A clean label fat mimetic for boiled, cooked or raw sausages

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    Coconut Butter

    Sprouted Proteins S.A.C.

    Made with 100% coconut pulp, organic, no preservatives. Product has a shelf life of 18 months and can be used as a natural energizer, for desserts and as a snack.

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    Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co.,

    Frucotooligosaccharides is a recognized classic prebiotic, is a water-soluble dietary fiber, naturally occurring in nature, 36,000 species of plants, due to its good performance and excellent processability taste, is currently one of the most widely used prebiotics. Applications: infant formula, infant cereal...

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    Organic potato starch

    Aloja Starkelsen SIA

    Organic Potato Starch is made exclusively from high-quality organic starch potatoes grown by our contract farmers in Latvia and Finland. Our production process is carefully designed and documented, and quality is the number one priority for our committed growers.

    Organic potato starch is extracte...

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    Yangzhou Joyvo WeiKem Biology Co Ltd

    Yangzhou Joyvo WeiKem Biology Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes Pullulan DuoLux series. Features: it can be added directly to food as food additive or be used to produce food package material. It is an ideal replacement of traditional starch in low calorie foods. Contact us for mor...

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    Sweetners - Binders and Thickners - Proteins - Nutrients

    Tiba Starch & Glucose Manufacturing Co.

    From the egyptian rice we produce :

    -       Glucose             ( Syrup & Powder )

    -       Maltodextrin      ( Powder & Syru...

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    Univar Food Ingredients

    Fat-replacing and protein-enriching algae ingredients.

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    Aromas and flavours

    DKSH GmbH

    Natural flavorings, encapsulated flavors, spicy flavors, seasonings, Salt enhancer, Sugar enhancer, Fat Replacer

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    BESTMIX Recipe management software

    Adifo Software

    BESTMIX Recipe management software is an agile package that supports food industry R&D departments, QA units and product managers from first concept to final specifications. 

    Creating innovative and competitive products, this user-friendly NPD software supports you through each s...

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    Sipal Partners

    Organic wheat maltodextrin, obtained by the hydrolysis of wheat starch using natural enzymes (GMO free), then dried by atomisation. White coloured maltodextrin with a neutral flavour, providing a lot of viscosity once diluted.

  • Labelling:  dehydrated non ref...
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    FOSVITAE - Natural and healthy fiber


    FOSVITAE is a exclusive product of Zukán made from the soluble fibre of cane sugar. It is intended to act as a substitute of sugar, polyols and fats, as well as having a higher fibre content. Thanks to its high content of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), improves intestinal transit, while simultaneosly stimulati...

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    Fiberstar Inc.

    Citri-Fi300M40 is a micro fine granulation of the Citri-Fi300FG with a particle size averaging less than 40 microns and contains citrus fiber and xanthan gum. Citri-Fi300M40 is used in applications such as dressings and mayonnaise to provide high viscosity and high ratios of water to the amount of Citri-Fi300...

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    Hazelnut oil

    La Tourangelle S.A.S.

    La Tourangelle's hazelnut oils are available virgin, refined or in tailored blend.Produced and conditionned directly in our plant in the Loire Valley in 5lt, 25lt, 200kg, 1000lt IBC or full tank. Know how for virgin production insure intensed flavoured, with typical smell and nutty color. Production site is c...

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