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TOP promotes sugar replacement alternatives

After extensive research TOP says it has found smart, healthy and tasty formulas in which sugar can be completely replaced, while the microbiological safety as well as the taste of the product are preserved.

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Mainstream trends transforming the sports nutrition market

Mainstream consumers have become more interested in sports nutrition, bringing better flavour and more diverse ingredients to the sports nutrition sector.

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Cocoa Barometer 2018 report published

“Current approaches will not solve the problem at scale. Companies and governments need to acknowledge the urgency, and make a change. Efforts that cover less than 50% cannot be called ‘solutions’.”

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PLT,  zümXR collaborate on green coffee beans

PLT, zümXR collaborate on green coffee beans 

21 May 2018
Firmenich expans California footprint

Firmenich expans California footprint 

21 May 2018
Callebaut launches 21st Chocolate Academy

Callebaut launches 21st Chocolate Academy 

18 May 2018

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Latest products

Nitric Acid 53%

Brenntag Brazil

Brenntag Brazil provides a wide range of products which includes Nitric Acid 53%.  It is used as a cleaning agent in the food industry. Contact us for more information. We are ready to assist you.

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GABA rice bulk manufacturing system

IGSP Co., Ltd.

IGSP  has provided significant values to our customer by devoting accumulated know-how and considerable researchechsin this year, we developed new technology item name of ' GABA rice (germinated rice) bulk manufacturing system 'it system is possible to making germinated more faster time and available for...

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Vibro Separator & Vibro Filter / LK Series

Mill Powder Tech Co., Ltd.

Mill Powder Tech Solutions offers a wide range of sifter products which includes vibro separator & vibro filter / lk series. Charactristics: it is suitable for any powder, granular and liquid; easy operation and powder won't fly out; screen could be changed speedily. Contact us for more information.

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Tablet Inspection Belt

Target Innovation

Target Innovation offers a wide range of product inspection systems which includes tablet inspection belt. Contact us for more information.

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Double-Head Big Bag Filler

Eco Cosmos

Eco Cosmos offers a wide range of products which includes double-head big bag filler. Features: it can be used for carrots and potatoes. Contact us for more information.

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Brysorb™ 525

Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt Ltd

Brysorb™ 525 granular media consist of cylindrical, porous pellets formed by combination of activated carbon impregnated with phosphoric acid (h3po4) for effective removal of ammonia (nh3). Bry-air offers latest technology in gaseous adsorption - gas phase activated carbon process which greatly increases the ...

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Virtis Make Old Lyophilizer

Freeze Drying Systems Pvt Ltd

Freeze Drying Systems Pvt Ltd offers wide range of products which includes virtis make old lyophilizer. Application: vegetables, fruits, poultry and marine products, spices and herbs, precooked meals, pet foods, dairy products, tea & coffee, pharmaceutical products. Contact us for more information.

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Uni pharma tablet metal detector

Unique Equipments

Unique Equipments offers uni pharma tablet metal detector that is perfect for high processing speed and rapid change in product. It is commonly used for detecting foreign particles from medicines. Especially designed using premium grade components, our metal detecting device is commonly known due to its compr...

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Swirl Flash Dryers

Advanced Drying Systems

Advanced Drying Systems offer a wide assortment of swirl flash dryer that is used for drying. They offer customized swirl flash drying systems with a variety of configurations and are made as per the quality standards. Application: wet cakes, pastes, sludges, powders from an aqueous suspension. Contact us for...

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Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd

Metaltrap03-v7it is type of converyorised metal detector. Contact us for more information.

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Steam sterilization / pasteurization equipment for dry ingredients


Revtech supplies custom-made industrial solutions for the steam sterilization / pasteurization of nuts, seeds, cereal products, herbs and spices. It has installed over 120 industrial units throughout the world in the food industry.

Its unique technology combines gentle vibrational transport with...

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GEA Spray Coolers


GEA has a long history supplying Spray Coolers to producers of melts - oils and fats, glycerines, etc. - all over the world. Our supply includes spray cooling plants for bulk product as well as for advanced special applications.

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Spherisator M2

Brace Gmbh

The Spherisator M2 is a highly versatile and scalable unit designed for development, piloting and production. With the wide variety of options for scalability, the Spherisator M2 can easily be upgraded to higher capacities and continuous production to grow with the market demands.
Modularity was ...

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Temperature-control systems, UHT and KZE in various sizes

M+W Group GmbH

M+W Group designs, manufactures and installs turnkey solutions and customized systems for tempering and pasteurization for the Life Sciences industries – from the beverages and food industry over cosmetics up to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Concept planning, plant design and cons...

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Uht equipment

Seika Sangyo GmbH

Seika sangyo gmbh offers uht equipment. Features: It is customized for research and small-scale production for the biotech, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry. Contact us for more information.

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Spray dryers

SA Fermented Product Partner

Sa fermented product partner offers a wide range of products which includes spray dryers. Features: It is used for bio-based products or food. Contact us for more information.

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Industrial Biotechnology

M+W Central Europe GmbH

M+W Group is a leading international design, engineering and construction company within the life science industry. With great teamwork we deliver expert white biotechnology engineering - from consultancy services, concept and design to full turnkey project realisation.  

M+W Gro...

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Vacuum tumbler and mixer

PT Dua Mitra Kerjasama

Pt dua mitra kerjasama provides wide range of food machineries which includes vacuum tumbler and mixer. It provides an efficient mechanical action without inflicting product damage. Contact us for more information.

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Model electra

H.A. Research Co. Ltd

H.a. Research co. Ltd provides wide range of equipments which includes model electra. Contact us for more information.

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Texture Tests

Aygenteks Dis Tic. ve Teks. San. Ltd.STI

Aygenteks Dis Tic. ve Teks. San. LTD.STI offers a wide range of products which includes Texture Testsit is useful for confectionery products; bakery products;confectionery dairy;meat; fruits & vegetables etc. Contact us for more inforamtion.

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Medley Dis Tic. Mum. AS.

Medley dis tic. Mum. A.s provides wide range of end of line packaging which includes 3703. The film web is driven to the wrapping area by toothed belts contrasted by elastic rollers. Very thin films can be used. Contact us for more information.

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Steam Batch Sterilization


Imtech-Steri manufactures steam batch sterilization product. It is used as solutions for the food-industry whether dry fruits, nuts, seeds or spices: decide on the natural steam sterilization system. It can be treated in different shapes such as whole, pieces, leaves, chopped, crushed, powdered. It helps to d...

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Recyclone EH

Advanced Cyclone Systems

Advanced Cyclone Systems offers wide range of products which includes recyclone EH. It avoid the problem of dust colmatation and condensation. They have low sensitivity to either low or high dust electrical resistivity which is a significant advantage to treat emissions from high resistive biomasses, such as ...

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BF35 Viscometer

Brookfield GmbH

Brookfield viscometers ltd. offers a wide range of food products which includes bf35 viscometerthe bf35 operates on a different measurement technique than traditional standard brookfield viscometers.. Features & benefits: easy speed changes, conventional oilfield rotor, bob and torsion spring, adjustable tabl...

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MPV Buffering vessels

OMVE Lab & Pilot Equipment

OMVE provides wide range of unique small scale processing systems for the food industry, from a standard system up to a fully integrated liquid process plant which includes MPV Buffering vessels. Applications: Dairy (related) products, Beverages (related) products, Soups & sauces, Pharmaceutical & nutritional...

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Charpa Techcenter Co.Ltd

Charpa Techcenter Co Ltd provides wide range of products under aqualab brand which includes aqualab pawkit. It belongs to water activity meter category. Features: lightweight- just 4 ounces; pocket-sized- 3.5 x 4 inches; battery-operated; easy two point calibration; self-contained - low maintenance sensor and...

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Wacker Chemie AG

ELASTOSIL® E60 N grey is a flowable, one component silicone rubber formulation, which cures at room temperature under the influence of atmospheric moisture. This product is designed to create long-lasting, nonstick coatings for an optimum release of bakery products. Some specific properties of ELASTOSIL® E60 ...

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Listex P100

Faravelli Group

Faravelli offers a wide range of partners products which includes listex P100. It is bacteriophages antilisteria. It is micreos partner product. Contact us for more information.

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Window baguette bag 500

Oy Roberts Ab

Roberts offers a wide range of packaging materials which includes window patonkipussi 500. It belongs to paperbags us for more information.

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170 mm along the steel scraper

Oy Roberts Ab

Roberts offers a wide range of scrapers and buckets under tools and accessories category which includes 170 mm along the steel scraper. Contact us for more information.

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