Nestlé Japan launches Ruby chocolate version of KitKat

Nestlé Japan has launched the Ruby chocolate version of its KitKat brand in KitKat Chocolatory stores in Japan and South Korea, as well as online.

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Arjuna launches vegetable oil preservative

Arjuna Naturals Extracts has launched its natural preservative formulation for combating oxidation, thermal degradation, hydrolytic rancidity and extending the frying cycle of vegetable oils.

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Mintel: younger Germans want vegetarian/vegan sweets

Three out of 10 (28%) German consumers would like to see a wider variety of clearly labelled vegetarian and vegan confectionery, according to new research from Mintel. This number rises significantly to 46% of consumers aged 25 to 34.

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Mintel: plant-based food - it's about taste

Mintel: plant-based food - it's about taste 

16 Feb 2018
IOI partners on support program for small growers

IOI partners on support program for small growers 

16 Feb 2018
Nestlé reports minimal growth, flat sales

Nestlé reports minimal growth, flat sales 

16 Feb 2018

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Latest products

Thiourea Cas. 62-56-6

Sinoright International Trade Co Ltd

Thiourea is a fine chemicals product with high additive value,which is widely applied in various industries such as medicine, agriculture, textile, printing-dyeing, chemical, metal-mine-selecting, laundering etc. USE:
1.For producing Thiourea Dioxide ,it can also instead of sodium hydrosulfite

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Mcp 150 Modular Compact Polarimeter

Anton Paar

The MCP 150 polarimeter follows the success story of MCP 100, providing proven technology packed into a compact polarimeter which fits into any laboratory. The instrument is extremely easy to operate, provides maximum comfort, high security and full compliance with all national and internationa...

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Raspberry Ketone

Changsha Vtrue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Changsha vtrue biotechnology co.,ltd offers a wide range of products which includes raspberry ketone. It belongs to botanical extract category. Application: it is used for weight loss, control your body's cholesterol and blood pressure levels prevent various types of cancer, a natural antioxidant help relieve...

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Dairy products & Ingredients for the Food Industry

Lactoland Trockenmilchwerk GmbH

Tailor made Blends & Food Compounds
Cream powders with milk fat content from 42 % to 75 %
Skimmed milk Yoghurt Powder from mild to sour
Full cream Yoghurt Powders & Cream Yoghurt Powders
Milk Protein Concentrates
Casein / Caseinates
Whey Powder Derivatives

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Peruvian Nature

Peruvian Nature offers a wide variety of products which includes Chancapiedra

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Gluten Free Oat Flour

Helsinki Mills Ltd

Helsinki Mills oat Flour is:-

- Oat Flour Fine
-Oat Flour Wholegrain
  • Organic
  • Conventional
  • Gluten Free

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Allergen test kits


Being able to assess the quality of food that is part of our daily diet is increasingly becoming more important. Thanks to the application of immunoenzimatic and genetic techniques it is possible to detect and even quantify the number of a large number of substances of interest as allergens.
We offer quick...

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32700 FRUITmega™ Rose Hip Oil CP Virgin

De Wit Speciality Oils

Contact us for more information

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FL Carrot

Ningbo Qiusui Food Co., Ltd.

Moisture content≦6%,Oliform group negative,Total numbers of colony≦10000个/g,Size:3×3×30mm,3×3×3mm,can according to the requirement of customers.Main ingredient:carrot,glucose,swelling agent etc.Main application:snack foods,pets food etc.Quality guarantee period :18 months.

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Eurofins Food Testing Germany

Eurofins NDSC Food Testing Germany GmbH

Eurofins' mission is to contribute to the health and safety of all by providing its customers with high quality laboratory and advisory services.

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Siberian Ginseng Extract

Greenutra Resource Inc

Greenutra Resource Inc. offers a wide range of products which includes siberian ginseng extract. Features: it is used in pharmaceutical and health food . Contact us for more information.

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Potassium Citrate

Hugestone Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Potassium citrate is a white transparent crystal or white granular powder, odorless, taste salty, cool feeling, the relative density is 1.98. Moisture absorption in the air easily deliquescence. Soluble in glycerin, almost insoluble in ethanol.  

Application:In food processing industry, it is ...

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Syncore Analyst

Buchi Labortechnik AG

Efficient, gentle and environmental friendly parallel concentration with maximum recoveries and inhibited cross contamination

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Mayasan Food Industries A.S

  • Produced based upon Ultra-Sound system technology
  • 12V power cable for car use
  • Small quantity of milk required (20 ml)
  • No acid or other chemicals are used for measuring
  • LCD screen
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Low power consumption
  • PC or printer connection (RS 232...
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    Customer Service

    DKSH GmbH

    Light the fire in us.
    Benefit from our competence and many years of experience.

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    Dairy Technology


    NIZO delivers solutions that work to help you succeed in the competitive dairy sector. Our health and nutrition expertise, built on unique in silico, in vitro and in vivo models, supports companies working toward healthier products with or without an explicit claim. We combine world-class understanding of dai...

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    Temperature-control systems, UHT and KZE in various sizes

    M+W Group GmbH

    M+W Group designs, manufactures and installs turnkey solutions and customized systems for tempering and pasteurization for the Life Sciences industries – from the beverages and food industry over cosmetics up to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

    Concept planning, plant design and cons...

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    Tailor-made viral infection models(vitro analysis)

    Triskelion BV

    Triskelion b.v. Offers a wide range of products which includes tailor-made viral infection models(vitro analysis). Features: it cause an enormous burden to health systems and the economy. Furthermore, emerging viruses, including h5n1 avian influenza, represent a pandemic threat. Although effective vaccines ex...

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    Digestive Health

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials limited provides wide range of consulting services which includes digestive health. It has experience in trials with different test products, from probiotics to protein, and fruit extracts to marine extracts. It has extensive expertise in gi health trials and looking at...

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    Esolv® OmegaH2O®

    Wedar Biotechnology Co .,Ltd

    1.Astaxanthin water soluble liquid/ powder 2.Omega 3 water soluble liquid/ powder3.Algae DHA water soluble liquid/ powder4.CoQ10 water soluble liquid/ powder  

    We utilize state of the art technology to convert fat soluble materials to cloudless water soluble without any emulsi...

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    Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd.

    Standardized mineral supplement produced using a patented process to concentrate minerals from Deep Ocean Water, spray dried to produce a multi-mineral powderbrhrbrPacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of mineral products which includes pom-35k. It is standardized mineral supplement pr...

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    Routine and specific analyses in dairy products

    Westland Independent Laboratories b.v.

    Westland independent laboratories b.v. offers a services which includes routine and specific analyses. It can perform routine analyses, such as determining protein (dumas), fat (rosegottlieb), moisture and ashes contents, purity, insolubility and acidity. Moreover, wil carries out specific instrumental analys...

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    Studies & applications analysis

    LEMPA - Laboratorie d'Essais des Materiels et Produits Alimentaires

    Sarl labo d'essais des mat. Prod.aliment offers a wide range of analysis which includes studies & applications analysis. It includes industrial, small equipment and consumables distributors in bvp, levuriers, millers, manufacturers improvers, pre products, flavors, pai manufacturers. Contact us for more infor...

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    Agence Phytocontrol Paris

    Agence phytocontrol paris offers a wide range of analysis which includes gmos. Phytocontrol is accredited by the cofrac perimeter gta lab 02 concerning genetically modified organisms. Contact us for more information.

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    Laboratoires Agrobio

    Laboratoires Agrobio offers a wide range of food dervices which includes CONSULTING AND TRAINING analysis. AGROBIO conducts visits and hygiene audits in order to establish an inventory and improvement actions set up in the premises, with staff and facilities. Contact us for more information.

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    Off-Flavour Analysis And Prevention

    Flavologic GMBH

    Flavologic GMBH offers wide range of services which includes off-flavour analysis and prevention. Contact us for more information.

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    FOOD CHEMISTRY analysis

    Laboratoires Agrobio

    Laboratoires Agrobio offers a wide range of food dervices which includes FOOD CHEMISTRY analysis. The laboratory performs sampling or collecting of samples to be analyzed and handles the routing logistics samples, conducting analysis and transmission of the results as soon as possible. Contact us for more inf...

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    Laboratoires Agrobio

    Laboratoires Agrobio offers a wide range of food dervices which includes HYDROLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT analysis. Legionella analysis (network of hot water and air cooling tower) and health checks. Sampling shall be performed according to the requirements of legislation and methods of analysis. Contact us for more...

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    Agence Phytocontrol Paris

    Agence phytocontrol paris offers a wide range of analysis which includes metals. It includes lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, chrome, selenium, nickel, antimony, copper ,tin. Contact us for more information.

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    Microbiologie Alimentaire analysis

    Laboratoires Agrobio

    Laboratoires Agrobio offers a wide range of food dervices which includes Microbiologie Alimentaire analysis. AGROBIO has a team of qualified phlebotomist in the field of food hygiene. AGROBIO offers regular crossings to carry samples or collecting your products to analyze. Contact us for more information.

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