IOI Loders Croklaan launches "next generation" palm oil alternative

IOI Loders Croklaan Europe has launched Presdough 270 SB, which it describes as the next-generation shea-based palm oil alternative for excellence in bakery products.

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Frutarom: oops - they did it again

Frutarom has made its eighth purchase of 2017 with the acquisition of 60% of the shares of Thai company The Mighty Co for approx. $12 million, valuing the company at around $20 million.

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Frutarom raises 2020 sales target to $2.25 billion

Frutarom raises 2020 sales target to $2.25 billion 

24 Nov 2017
Bayn signs agreement for sugar reduction in China

Bayn signs agreement for sugar reduction in China 

24 Nov 2017
Gelita symposium attracts almost 80 attendees

Gelita symposium attracts almost 80 attendees 

24 Nov 2017

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Latest products

Tomato Paste HB 22/24

Tomates del Guadiana S Coop

Product obtained from natural, mature, fresh and clean tomatoes ( Lycopersicum esculentum ), by means of a process of concentration of the tomato juice.

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Roasted Blanched hazelnut 13-15 mm 

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STR Biotech Co, Ltd

This product is made with black rice bran. It is primarily intended to be used for prevention of alcoholic liver disease. We screened several raw material with SENS technology, we found that BRB is best for prevention from fatty liver and liver fibrosis in animal model.

STR Biotech’s  β-glucan n...

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Tomato Paste

Sugal Group

28/30 Hot Break ( doble concentrate)

36/38 Cold Break (triple concentrate)

28/30 Cold Break (doble concentrate)

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NAT healthy®


Functional botanicals MAKE A HEALTHY DIFFERENCE
Give your brand the “naturally healthy” edge consumers look for. To help you add the innate benefits and nutritive value of plants, Naturex has created NAT healthy®:a selection of botanical extracts designed to make your food & beverage products stand out...

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Freeze-dried Vegetables or Herbs

Nantong Bright-Ranch Foodstuffs Co Ltd

Asparagus Green or White; Chives European variety; Spinach; Edamame Bean; Green/White Onion; Corn Sweet; Peas Green/Garden ... in the shape of Whole, Pieces, Tips, Rolls, Granule or Grit, Powders.  

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Chemart International Trader

Chemart International Trader Sp. z o.o.

Acidity regulators and stabilizers, preservatives, thickeners and stabilizers, concentrates of fruit juices, starches and derivatives, plant extracts, vitamins, sweeteners, carriers, antioxidants, amino acids, whey isolates and concentrates.

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Maca Powder

A2 Trading GmbH

The company offers a wide range of products in hydrocolloids category which includes guar gum. Hydrocolloids are used as thickening and binding agents, as well as stabilisers. Also, their application can give or improve the desired texture of the final product and they are useful in some application areas as ...

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Vegetable origin probiotic powder JS-7

Well-being LS Co., Ltd.

● Type of food : Miscellaneous processed products
● Product name :Vegetable origin probiotic powder JS-7
● Raw material : Lactobacillus fermentum, Dextrose
● Expiration date : 24 month
● Inner packing material : Polyethylene (PE)
● How to use : Food raw material, fermantatio...

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Health Ingredients

De Monchy Natural Products BV

Engevita - Nutritional Yeast

Lalmin® - Mineral en Vitamin enrichted Yeast

Yesto-Seal® - Tabletting Brewers Yeast

LBI - Inactive Whole Cell Yeast

Glucan 30 - Beta Glucan


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Medience Co Ltd

Immune stimulating ingredietns

NK cell activation-Clinically proven in Korea

Natural Korean herb polysaccharides

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Organic vegetable oils

HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd

Marbacher Ölmühle produces a range of organic vegetable oils. At Marbach (Germany) we produce and process cold pressed oils that meet a variety of organic standards. We use our expertise to create healthy oils for the food and cosmetics industries as well as for pharmaceutical and technology applications. ...

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Sweet Whey


This product is typically an animal feed. Contact us for more information.

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SD Soy Sauce Powder

Qingdao Matsumoto Foods Co Ltd

Qingdao Matsumoto Foods Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of food products which includes dehydrated vegetables and spice  with HACCP, BRC,KOSHER, HALAL etc. certificates.   Pls contact us via for more information, tks.

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Lentein Complete

Parabel USA Inc

PARABEL USA INC. has developed a groundbreaking protein ingredient from water lentils or duckweed. LENTEIN Complete is a fresh green protein powder that has been successfully formulated in dry-mix goods like chips, crackers, snack-mixes, bars and cereal clusters and since it is dispersible it also m...

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Wheat malt flakes

Bakker seeds – G. Bakker D.Jzn.

Bakker seeds offers a wide variety of food products which includesp wheat malt flakes. It is not genetically modified. shape: grain, flat. Colour: yellow. Taste / smell: typical for the product, healthy. Kind of packing: paper bags, polyprop bags, big bags. Storage and transport conditions: cool, preferably b...

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Falak Organic Brown Basmati Rice


Falak Organic Brown Basmati Rice is 100% organic.EU & USAD certifiedGluten FreeIt reduces weightCholesterol Free Available SKU:1.5 KG Jar2 LBSJar4 LBS Jar10 LBS Cotton Bag5 KG Cotton Bag

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Special oat ingredients

Fazer Mills

Our healthy and tasty oats, both conventional and organic, are natural superfoods with four health claims approved by EFSA. Our new products include oat beta-glucan, oat protein and oat oil. They are based on a Finnish innovation and patented, cutting-edge technology. These oat ingredients enable boosting...

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Guar Meal (40%)

Rama Gum Industries Pvt Ltd

Rama Industries provides wide range of products under guar meal. Advantages: free from salmonella & alfatoxin & e. Coli; free flowing; It is used for Pet / Animal feed purposes by direct adding into the diet of the animals and for feed production, 100% Non-GMO Product. It is widely used ...

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Vit™ Inose

Fenchem Biotek Ltd

Fenchem Biotek Ltd provides wide range of products which includes vit™ inose. It is classified as a member of the vitamin b complex. It occurs as fine, white crystal or as a white crystalline powder. It is odorless, has a sweet taste and stable in air. It is neutral to litmus without optical activity. Contact...

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Psyllium Seed

Roeper C.E. GmbH

Psyllium Seed is pale brown or dark seed which rapidly swell in water. Packaging: Jute bags of 25 kg or drums of 50 kg net. Application: Inter alia for gluten-free bakery products. Contact us for more information.

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Rose Extract


Botanical Origin:Rosa rugosa Thunb
Shanghai Novanat Co.,Ltd offers wide range of food products which includes plant extract and probiotics.
Contact us for more information.

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Performance Coconut Water Powder (High Potassium)

Covico Coconut Solutions

Covico Performance Evaporated Coconut Water contains 60 mg of coconut potassium per gram and is made without any added ingredients or fillers like maltodextrin and tapioca.  This free-flowing white powder dilutes easily in water and because of it's high potassium level, has a salty ta...

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Morouj Spray Dried Gum Arabic (Gum Acacia)

Morouj Commodities UK Limited

Morouj Spray Gum Acacia HN
Morouj Spray Gum Acacia MM
Morouj Spray Gum Acacia R143
Morouj Spray Gum Acacia MUK17

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VIGIIS 101-Lactobacillus(Original taste)

SunWay Biotech Co Ltd

Sunway Biotech offers a wide variety of products which includes vigiis 101-lactobacillus(original taste). It is a new, highly effective probiotic that replenishes these beneficial bacteria with a 60 billion CFU of well researched probiotic strain. It promotes a healthy soft-lining (wall) in the intestinal tra...

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Celery seed 

Koninklijke Euroma B.V.

Koninklijke Euroma B.V. offers wide range of spices which includes celery seed . Contact us for more information.

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Caro Nut Georgia LLC

Healthy walnut kernels from Ukraine

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Al Barakah Dates Factory LLC

CHOPPED DATES make a handy, sweet snack or key ingredient to add to cereals, oatmeal, muffins, snack bars, granola, energy bites, pudding, etc.Completely machine processed from start to finish of the production process with absolutely no human touch, our Chopped Dates are completely free from foreign material...

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Processed Nuts

Paulino Solanellas, SL

The origin of our hazelnuts is 100% Spain, and the origin of the almonds is California or Spain. Our range of our processed products inlcudes: roasted, diced, caramelized, paste (100% pure nut paste), praliné and crocant, all of them used as ingredients (fillings, inclusions or decoration) for the food indust...

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Non-GMO Soya, Sunflower & Rapeseed Lecithin Prodcuts

Vitale Nutrition GmbH

Non-GMO Soya Liquid Lecithin ( Hard-IP),Non-GMO Soya Food Powder ( Hard-IP),Non-GMO Soya Food Granules ( Hard-IP),Non-GMO Soya Feed Powder, Non-GMO Sunflower Standardized Liquid Lecithin,Non-GMO Sunflower Filitered Liquid Lecithin ,Non-GMo Sunflower Food Powder, Non-GMO Sunflower Granules, Non-...

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