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2ab Wheat for gut-friendly bakery products

FiE 2017, booth number 11.0 F30: GoodMills Innovation presents an ancient wheat alternative to common bread wheat

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Firmenich announces "strong results" as sales rise 4.4%

Firmenich has announced “strong results” for its fiscal year 2017, as it recorded CHF3.34 billion in net sales, up 4.4% in Swiss Francs, on the back of a year off strategic breakthroughs,

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DSM concludes review of eight promising startups

DSM has successfully concluded the ‘Connecting Bright Innovations 2017’ Innovation Partnering Conference, held this year in Delft (Netherlands) at which eight promising start-ups were invited to pitch.

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PCSI makes debut at International Union of Nutritional Sciences Congress

PCSI makes debut at International Union of Nutritional Sciences Congress 

20 Oct 2017
FDF welcomes publication of UK government's energy action plan

FDF welcomes publication of UK government's energy action plan 

20 Oct 2017
Report: AMD expected to cost EU €89.46 billion per year

Report: AMD expected to cost EU €89.46 billion per year 

20 Oct 2017

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Special oat ingredients

Fazer Mills

Our healthy and tasty oats, both conventional and organic, are natural superfoods with four health claims approved by EFSA. Our new products include oat beta-glucan, oat protein and oat oil. They are based on a Finnish innovation and patented, cutting-edge technology. These oat ingredients enable boosting...

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Freeze Dried Strawberry

Van Drunen Farms Evropa

Strawberry processed this way retains much of the vivid color, intense flavor, piece identity, and nutritional value of the original raw material. It contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, iodine, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Vitamin C help...

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Wasabi Powder

Sakai Spice (Canada) Corp

Using only the finest ingredients and highest production standards, we make our own Takara Bune brand of wasabi powders as well as private label brands which are distributed all over North America and Europe. We are one of the major manufacturer of KOSHER and Gluten Free wasabi powder in the world.

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Pistachio paste

Petrou Nuts S.A.

100% Greek pistachio kernel without additives and preservatives.

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Silesian Grain

We offer a wide range of products: - corn semolina 0,16-0,60 mm - corn grits 0,25-0,75 mm - corn grits 0,75-1,25 mm - flaking grits 2,5-4,0 mm and 2,5-5,6 mm - corn mix (feed material) -

 In our offer you find also HT corn flour and corn gr...

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Freeze Dried Vegetables

European Freeze Dry

Our freeze-dried vegetables and ingredients perform exceptionally well in almost all culinary situations. The pre diced vegetables can easily be added directly to a variety of stews, casseroles or risotto’s as a convenient recipe solution. The olives perform particularly well when added to specialty breads li...

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Semolina goods

Myllyn Paras Oy

Myllyn Paras offers two versions of semolina, traditional light semolina and dark semolina. Dark semolina contains the hull of the wheat grain in addition to the kernel, making the color darker and more fibre rich than regular light semolina. In addition to plain semolina products, the company al...

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August Töpfer & Co. (Gmbh & Co.) KG

Walnuts are a real source of energy. Studies have already proven the positive effect for a healthier live.

Our long-standing and trustful relationships to producers enable us to deliver a high quality at a fair price. Our main sources are the USA which are known for being the main producer...

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SNOW®WHEAT - wholemeal flour

GoodMills Innovation GmbH

SNOW®WHEAT is made from so-called White Wheat. SNOW®WHEAT wholemeal flour is as healthy as wholemeal flour made from European standard wheat (so-called Red Wheat), because it also contains all important nutrients from the kernel. However, SNOW®WHEAT has one decisive benefit: Other than the commonly used reddi...

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Natural Germ Reduction

Biosteril GmbH & Co. KG

BIOSTERIL ® has been operating its germ-reduction facilities in Ritschenhausen, Germany, since 1994. By means of a vacuum-steam-vacuum process, germ counts in dried foodstuffs can be reduced by several factors of ten in a natural, gentle way. This enables also the processing of certified organically grown pro...

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Kündig Food Safety Tower

Kuendig Nahrungsmittel GmbH & Co. KG

With the Kündig Food Safety Tower ®, we have a market-leading innovation for highly reliable foreign matter management at our disposal, and thus have taken yet a further step in ensuring the safety and quality of foodstuffs. For storage treatment and germ reduction, we offer options such as CO2 pressure disin...

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Spray drying vitamins, minerals and fats

HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd

HOCHDOR has developed expertise in spray drying for more then 100 years. We produce around 17 000 tons of powdered infant formula per year including starter formulas with high microbiological requirements. We are also experienced in producing powder with high fat content over many years.

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Icing sugar

Scandic Food

Scandic Food offers Icing sugar for decoration for cakes, Danish and desserts. It comes in 3 different flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel.

Our icing sugar is very easy to handle. It is produced in pipe bags, which makes the product ready to use. Moreover does it have many differen...

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Quantum Hi Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd

Galactooligosaccharides is the closest to breast milk can industrial production of prebiotic oligosaccharides, is a water-soluble dietary fiber, due to the high security and good physiological functions, can be widely used in infant formula and health food in. Applications: infant formula, infant cereal food ...

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New yogurt starters YO-PROX® series 700

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Dehydrated Egyptian Yellow Onion

Healthy Foods Egypt

Dehydrated Egyptian yellow onion available in different cut sizes and quality grades (diced, slices, kibbled, chopped, minced, granules, powder).

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JMC Corporation

Saccharin is a safe, artificial sweetener which is 350 to 500 times sweeter than sugar, yet has zero calories. JMC supplies saccharin to some of the world’s largest quality-oriented multinational food and medicine producers. JMC produces saccharin using the traditional Remsen and Fahlberg Process which wa...

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Yang Jiang Preserved Black Beans

Guangdong Prb Bio-Tech Co Ltd

Preserved black beans are made from soybeans that have been dried and fermented with salt; other spices such as chilies and possibly ginger may be added. Fermented black soybeans are ancient traditional foods, used as condiments and seasonings in many East Asian countries. Among Fermented black soybeans, ...

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Customized products made with our latest mixing technology according to your specifications. Visit our website or asked for more information about Premixes gluten-free and Baking mixes also e.g. Vanilla Cream Powder.

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Eco Terra GmbH

Eco Terra Gmbh provides a wide range of nuts and kernels products which includes macadamia. Features: raw, roasted, roasted & salted, dark roasted with omega 3, honey roasted. Contact us for more information.

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Native Constarch

Galam Group

Native corn starch categorised under industrial starches is used as a low-cost functional additive in diverse industries. It can be used as-is in many applications, or can be modified on-site. Uses range from wet-end and dry-end additives for paper mills, corrugating adhesives, plasterboard core-binders,...

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Uncooked prawn crackers

Great Taste Ingredients B.V.

Uncooked prawn crackers are made from tapioca flour, containing 20% prawn. The uncooked prawn crackers are available in two different sizes: long and small round pellets.

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Falak Premium Basmati Rice is the flagship brand of Matco Foods Limited. Falak is being exported to 35 countries worldwide.Falak is available in a very beautiful Matt Metalized standup pouch.Available sizes are1kg Metalized Pouch2kg Metalized Pouch5kg Metalized Pouch10kg Metalized Pouch20kg Metalized Pouch qq...

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Retail butter and cream products


Corman’s ambition is to build a win-win partnership with a strong local brand. This co-packing brings together Corman’s technologies and product advantages with the strength of a local brand, its distribution network and marketing and sales expertise.
› Unique products, under your brand, to str...

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Wholegrain Spelt Spaghetti

Spaichinger Nudelmacher GmbH

Wholegrain Spelt Spaghetti are made with organic wholemeal flour from Germany. They are only one type of our large range of spelt Pasta.
Our spelt products are characterised by their nutty taste.

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Are you up-scaling the production of a new product or do you need to make investment decisions about building a new production facility? We will help you to minimize investment risks and speed up time to market.

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Turmeric Oleoresin - SCFE(Co2) Extract

Ozone Naturals

Turmeric Oleoresin

(Botanical name : Curcuma Longa L)

CAS#: 129828-29-1

Ozone Naturals is manufacturer of 100% Natural Turmeric Oleoresin extracted from best forms of turmeric.

Solvent free produce of Green technology ...

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Granulation and agglomeration services


We can granulate your powders to improve its flow characteristics, improve its dispersion, make an instant powder or a free flowing powder from it, homogenize its granulometry and finally adapt it to all of your applications. 

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Innov'Ia provides a wide range of solutions which includes coating. The coating consists in spraying a liquid layer on the surface of a particle. It provides protection for ingredients. This method also permits the improvement of the surface condition. This technology brings to the ingredients:

  • high preser...
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    food supplement

    Hong-Zhong Biotechnology

    tablets, sachets, capsules, film coating

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