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Krill oil is full with nutritional value, including astaxanthin, omega-3 ( DHA, EPA ) bounded to a phospholipid. As phospholipid is an amphophile, it is highly water and oil soluble, and easily absorbed by the body compared to common fish derived omega-3 bounded with triglyceride ( TG Form ) or ethyl ester ( EE Form ). AlgaRED is a pure, clean, and free-pollution of vegan krill oil product.AlgaRED contains high concentration of DHA+EPA, 10- times more Astaxanthin than commercial Krill oil, and doesn’t have stench.In addition, AlgaREDTM is presented in powder form, which can break the limitations of shelf-life time and product applicability of commercial krill oil. 
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Categories Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals
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Product Applications Food Supplements

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