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AllinAll Ingredients Ltd is a Dublin-based company that provides a wide range of dry ingredients solutions for the processed-food industry in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East, with plans to expand to more markets in the future. Its product range includes: meat glazes; marinades; seasonings; sauce mixes; batters; coatings; brines; functional cures; and toppings and moisture-management systems, for both processed and baked foods. AllinAll operates to BRC (A-grade) quality standards, and offers products that can be formulated for, or by, the customer to meet exact specifications, and cater to suit different market conditions, different logistical demands, shelf life, texture etc. AllinAll can provide functional ingredients for processed foods that are clean-label, i.e. e-number free. We are always exploring new partnerships with new potential distributors and are open to discussions.

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Sales markets Australia; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Western Europe
Primary business activity Food Safety, Quality and Service
Affiliated categories: Contract manufacturing More

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