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23 nov 2020

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The giant of the Amazon

12 Dec 2020

The giant of the Amazon

The Amazon nut offers a variety of health benefits and provides high-value ingredients for the food, supplements and cosmetics industries. Its organoleptic characteristic is a rigid and compact consistency, it has a particular scent and colour with or without the shell along with distinctive taste.

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12 Dec 2020

507 families involved in the different phases of the Amazon Nuts

Thanks to its social and environmental commitment, Amazon Nuts S.A.C. has maintained sustained growth since its inception. The company’s positive social impact reflects in generating jobs for 507 families involved in the different phases of the Amazon nut sector. These tasks include manual harvesting in the primary forest, processing, packaging, and transportation.

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12 Dec 2020

Team motivated to protect the forest

Amazon Nuts S.A.C. collects, processes, packages, and exports the Amazon nut since 2012. This superfood, also known as Brazil nut, is rich in selenium and other vital nutrients that boost the immune system.

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