An Exciting Year for Biocatalysts Ltd

14 Nov 2019

2019 is an exciting year for Biocatalysts Ltd with the upcoming opening of our state of the art 11,000 sq ft extension. The recognition of our commitment to providing customer access to the latest technology with the Queen's award for innovation and continuing to improve our capabilities offering to the market.

2019 is an exciting year for Biocatalysts Ltd with the upcoming opening of our 11,000 sq ft extension. The installation of new fermentation and downstream processing equipment will increase enzyme manufacturing capacity more than 16-fold and establish Biocatalysts as a manufacturer on a larger commercial scale entirely.

An Exciting Year for Biocatalysts Ltd
Biocatalysts Ltd New State of the Art Manufacturing Facility

We have recently been recognised for our commitment to provide customers access to the latest technologies at a price that is accessible to all, with the Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation. Biocatalysts pride itself on providing in depth technical knowledge and superb customer service. We do this by using the best technologies available and keeping abreast of the newest advancements impacting the biotech industry.

This year also saw Biocatalysts introduce and optimise a new expression host. The implementation of this new host increases both the range of speciality enzymes that Biocatalysts can develop and also enables certain enzymes to be developed with higher activity levels and achieve higher production yields where cost efficiencies can be passed on to our customers.

In addition to increasing  our manufacturing capacity, new expression capabilities and award-winning enzyme development and manufacturing process Biocatalysts Ltd are part of the BRAIN group, a pioneering company providing enzymatic and microbial innovations. This consolidates both our capabilities and expertise mean that we have a world class biotechnology toolkit that can provide novel enzymes, natural ingredients and bio-based solutions to support unique food, beverage and ingredient in the nutrition and health sectors.

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