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Aryballe Technologies, the pioneer in digital olfaction, develops and manufactures bio-inspired odor sensors for groundbreaking applications in the food, home appliances, and flavors & fragrances industries. The Technology Behind Our solution for digital olfaction is based on a unique combination of technologies: optics, biochemistry, microfluidics, electronics and IT. At the core of our device lies an optical prism that detects odors based on an optical phenomenon: Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging. 67 biosensors inspired from the human nose are grafted on the prism, where they transiently and instantaneously interact with odor molecules to form unique patterns ( These interactions form a specific pattern called olfactive signature that is recorded and stored into an odor database, which can be later interrogated for pattern matching to identify a new smell. As soon as the odor is removed, odor molecules are rapidly flushed away from the sensor by pumping air from the outside, allowing the sensor to be rejuvenated and ready for subsequen...


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