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Chromologics is a Danish biotech company developing fungal fermentation solutions for the production of novel, natural pigments. Using our proprietary fungal fermentation process, we can produce pigments cost-competitively in a sustainable manner compared to existing natural colors which are extracted in low yields from food sources. Our fungal strains are non-GMO and our pigments are compatible with most dietary needs, including kosher, halal, and vegan diets.
At Chromologics, we have a passion for sustainability and biotechnology. We work towards enabling a bio-based lifestyle.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; North America
Primary business activity Distributor; Raw Material Supplier
Affiliated categories: Colours |Contract Research More

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Colour startup looks to fungus for natural red

6 Mar 2018

Colour startup looks to fungus for natural red

A new red colour derived from fungus could satisfy food companies’ appetite for a natural shelf-stable alternative to carmine, according to Danish biotech startup Chromologics.

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