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Colorganics develops natural color solutions for food and beverage industry applications that contribute to a healthier consumption. In our experience, of over 10 years, we have delivered natural dyes from turmeric, annatto, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carmine, and blends for: bakery, chocolate, dairy and meat products.

We are committed to create added value to our customers, through:
• Integral advice to improve the color profile, stability, solubility, dose-price relation and regulatory compliance.
• Guaranteed sustainable supply of Annato, turmeric through inclusive models with Colombian rural communities. In addition, we have networks of international suppliers integrated for the supply of active ingredients.
• Portfolio of products (liquid or powder) standardized and validated in: crackers, wafers, stuffing, bakery, fine meat pasta, ham, chorizo, yogurt, dairy drinks, gouda cheese, petit-Suisse, white chocolate, fondant, among others.
• Co-development of new solutions that solve challenges of color profiles, performance, nutritional contrib...

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Sales markets Central/South America; North America; Western Europe
Primary business activity Distributor; Raw Material Supplier
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