Corbion gets potassium lactate patent

21 Dec 2016

Corbion has been granted a patent in Europe for a production technology for aqueous potassium lactate solutions that is said to be simpler, and to offer flavour, concentration and quality advantages.

Corbion gets potassium lactate patent

Corbion has been granted a patent in Europe for improved potassium lactate production technology.

Corbion's new method for producing aqueous potassium lactate solutions, now patented in Europe, is said to be simpler, and to offer flavour, concentration and quality advantages over traditional methods.

Aqueous potassium lactate (KL) solutions have long been proven as an effective and natural means of extending the shelf life and enhancing the safety of foods and beverages by inhibiting the growth of spoilage bacteria, Corbion says. However a novel, and now patented, method put forth by Corbion for manufacturing these solutions is claimed to deliver the cleanest flavour profile available on the market today, to make possible higher concentration levels (up to 85%) and to eliminate the need for the additional active carbon purification step which is also a Corbion patented process, common to conventional methods.

Corbion uses this new technology to produce its PURASAL HiPure P Plus, a high-concentration KL product, and Opti.Form Plus, a KL/(di)acetate blend, both of which it says offer lower intensity in bitter and salt flavours compared to their conventional counterparts. These products are also said to be 30% more concentrated than standard lactates on the market, thereby offering cost advantages in product packaging, storage and freight.

"We are pleased and proud to have received the official grant of the patent for this technology in Europe," said David Charest, Vice President, Meat Industry. "Corbion has simply created a better way to produce potassium lactate, making possible even better versions of the naturally derived and effective solutions the market has come to depend on. It's a great example of the kind of truly worthwhile innovation our customers expect from us."

In recent weeks, Corbion also received European patent approval for a unique process for producing the powdered vinegars included in the company's portfolio of clean-label shelf life and food safety solutions.