Darmstadt's The company  Presentation

13 Nov 2023


Darmstadt's The company Presentation

Darmstadt have produced the flour and bread based coating materials in Türkiye since 1998 . Our products are Breadcrumbs, Rusk , Adhesion Batter, Tempura Batter, Predust, Flour Breadings , Seasonings and Marinades . Our plant has two continuous breadcrumbs production line . These lines produce 4.5-5.5 Metric Tons Breadcrumbs per hour . We have the blends mixing plant . Our capacity is 8 Metric tons blends per hour . We have BRC Certification and Halal Certification . Darmstadt has continued the wheat milling  construction since 2022 . Darmstadt will produce  breadcrumbs from wheat . Our wheat milling capacity is 250 Metric tons wheat per day . 


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