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Destilla launches innovative Series of Whisky Liqueurs

4 May 2021

Far away from everyday life, we invite you to discover new worlds of taste and extraordinary compositions. In various sample series in 2021, we have made it our mission to invite you on a taste journey around the globe, quenching your thirst for travel and wanderlust for a moment.

Our first destination is North America - a place where cultures and traditions meet in inspiring ways. There is almost nothing that does not exist - in every respect. North America combines natural spectacles, diverse lifestyles and some of the most important metropolises in the world and is the perfect start for our trip.

Destilla launches innovative Series of Whisky Liqueurs
A series of five special whisky liqueurs was launched

For us, one drink is typically North American: Whisky. Centuries of tradition and the art of distilling by Scottish and Irish immigrants have made whisky one of the national drinks. In keeping with one of US favorite spirits, we have reinvented whisky as a liqueur.

Admittedly, this was a very challenging task for our flavorists. Our whiskey liqueur requires a mild sweetness, a smooth mouthfeel, a smoky, woody flavor, and a peaty finish.

Our natural essences give the whisky liqueurs a very authentic character and emphasize the soul of the whisky. We strengthen the smoky, sweet, spicy or malty nuances with our natural extracts and HiPuresĀ®, which emphasize the body of the whisky.

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