DuPont opens "world's largest" probiotics fermenter

18 Jul 2019

DuPont has announced the opening of a new probiotics fermentation unit at its Rochester, New York, facility.

Construction of the unit was completed in March as part of an overall $100 million investment to expand probiotics capacity.

DuPont opens world's largest probiotics fermenter

The facility is now producing probiotics for the dietary supplement and food and beverage industries, which the company says have the potential to provide health benefits to consumers of all ages.

"The investment in our Rochester probiotics operation furthers our strategy to provide health and nutrition science solutions to this growing market," said DuPont CEO Marc Doyle. "With the completion of this facility, we have the largest fermenter in the world dedicated to probiotics production, which enhances our ability to provide customers and consumers with high quality, clinically-documented strains that will positively impact people's health now and in the future."

The facility incorporates several new production innovations, including:

+ What the company claim sis the world's largest fermenter for probiotics production and its downstream processing.

+ A built-in, fully automated system of sensors and monitors that helps maintain optimal growing conditions, removing the need to take traditional manual samples.

+ Pressurized air technology to mix fermenting solutions, replacing traditional pumps and mixing blades that can damage bacteria.

+ New bacteria freezing technology for safe storage of the probiotics that significantly increases efficiency.

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