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A.H.A International Co., Ltd. (A.H.A), one of the largest international trade enterprises in China founded in 2001, engages in international trade, pharmaceutical manufacturing and outsourcing.
A.H.A not only has the license for buying and selling general products in domestic and international market, but also has the special import or export licenses for fuels, dangerous chemicals ,medical instruments, and foods. 
Our main exports coverPharmaceuticals& preparation(tablets & capsules), Chemicals, Food additives, Nutrition, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastic  Products,  Building Materials & Sanitary Products, Lighting products, Textile and Garments, and so on.  Our main imports cover Asphalt, Fuel oil, Chemicals, Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber & Latex,Equipment & Instrument for industries, medical and teaching, Foods like infant formula, etc.

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