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Foodvalley List of Innovative Tastings 2019 Fi Europe booth 7T 160

27 Nov 2019

Foodvalley's List of Innovative Tastings 2019 at the Fi Europe: Plant-based cheese, quinoa burger & quinoa sauces, salmon with PhageGuard protection, teff sport shake & spaghetti, tomato dressing based on Essiccum K and fish nuggets with Provian Plus, microalgae in vegan noodle salad & veggie falafel pita, sliced chicken filet with a sweet liquorice syrup,  nuggets made with Rudin®ProVega, sports shakes and smoothies, vegan cheese springroll and unique tomato drink. 

Together with chef Erik te Velthuis, Dutch Topsportrestaurant Papendal and in cooperation with Metos Kitchen Intelligence, Foodvalley and her members will host live cooking and tastings, where visitors have the opportunity to experience innovative ingredients, new technology and products. Together we will present to you Foodvalley List of Innovative Tastingds 2019 during the Fi Europe:

Foodvalley List of Innovative Tastings 2019 Fi Europe booth 7T 160

Plant-based cheese by Fuji Europe
Soy Delice! A soy-based cheese alternative with a natural taste that suits sweet and savory applications. The cheese taste results from fermentation of soy milk with selected strains. The semi-hard type has great melting properties on pizza and a good texture when eaten cold in salads or as a snack.

Plant-based quinoa burger and quinoa based sauces by GreenFood50
Taste the plant-based burger patty and plant-based sauce prototypes are all clean label and prepared with GreenFood50 quinoa ingredients. These natural quinoa ingredients have a high nutritional profile and are produced with sustainable mild process technology from locally cultivated quinoa seeds.

Salmon toast with PhageGuard protection by PhageGuard
RTE food products can be contaminated with Listeria without you knowing it. PhageGuard contains natural phage developed to keep your product, your customers and consumers safe, and maintaining the high taste quality. Experience the salmon with and without Phageguard protection and see if you can taste the difference.

Teff sport shake and teff spaghetti by Millet’s Place
Excellent solutions for athletes and consumers taking care of their health. Taste the sports shake with teff soluble flakes for use in smoothies with all kinds of different flavors. And experience another application of teff, taste the teff spaghetti at the Foodvalley booth.

Tomato with dressing based on Essiccum K and fish nuggets with Provian Plus by Niacet
The tasting shows an Essiccum K based dressing that goes perfectly together with the subtile taste of a well ripened cherry tomato. Essiccum K is a dry granular product with the flavor and functionality of vinegar, designed for producers of dry convenience products and flavors.Niacet will share the taste of a successful vegetarian fish product produced by Foodvalley’s neighbors at the Fi Europe, Meatless. The tasting will show you the perfect fit of Provian Plus, the natural food preservative which is specifically developed for plant based meat substitutes.

Vegan Asian style noodle salad and veggie falafel pita topped with raita by Phycom
Phycom showcases the application of microalgae in food: an excellent vegan Asian style Noodle Salad and a veggie falafel pita topped with raita. In the two tastings microalgae are used both in the food products themselves and as an ingredient in the dish.

Sliced chicken filet with a sweet liquorice syrup glazing by Ruitenberg BasIQs
For the glazing the dust-free liquorice powder blend was used.  Unlike standard powder, the dust-free liquorice powder  does not cause respiratory irritation of your employees and your production area. This dust-free powder can be delivered in a mix according to your specifications. Ruitenberg BasIQs also offers organic liquorice powders with eco certified quality.

Nuggets Rudin®ProVega by Ruitenberg Ingredients
Rudin®ProVega is the protein technology that allows imitation of meat structure. You can create your own meat substitute, while preserving the bite and juiciness of real meat. Here you can taste one of the vegetarian snacks made with Rudin®ProVega.

Sports shakes and smoothies by LaVitella

LaVitella, producer of private label sports nutrition, will present four shakes that can be prepared with water into a healthy smoothie: whey Protein Vanilla Shake, Pea Protein Chocolate Shake, chlorella protein isolate shake and vegy & fruit shake is a mixture of more than 30 different vegetable- and fruit powders.

Vegan cheese springroll and unique tomato drink by Yama Products
Analog snack spring roll type cheese, natural and vegan, produced without cheese! Yama Products compares this type against a high impact, competently natural, version with more Umami, so a richer taste. And Yama Products will demonstrate the twisted tomato: a tomato based drink type ‘bloody mary’, without the usual animal derived ingredients from the Worcestershire sauce. The finishing rounding and savoury touch comes from some drops of WBS29, a natural and allergen free base note.

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