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Free-From solutions to catch up health trend @ FIE

28 Nov 2019

SMS, the global leading tapioca starch manufacturer, is showcasing a wide range of high-quality ingredient solutions that are intensively in needs in the global market at this coming event, Fi Europe 2019, to broaden diverse choices for food and beverage manufacterers.

The product highlights will be showcased under the concept of health and clean diet, especially Free-From solutions due to increasing numbers of consumers having problems with food allergies and tolerances.

Free-From solutions to catch up health trend @ FIE
Free From Solutions


Due to the limitation of Caseinate use in foods for vegan and people who have lactose intolerance, casein-free solution from SMS is innovated as an excellent emulsifier which is applicable for spray-drying fat powder, non-dairy creamer (NDC) and fat powder to improve mouthfeel and desirable taste.


Egg yolk is commonly used as an emulsifier in typical mayonnaise and salad dressing but due to its limitation for vegan and allergenic concern, egg-free solution is specially developed to enhance the stability of oil droplet in the emulsion system for the best quality of food products. 


Gelatin-free solution is reformulated to overcome gelatin allergy and religious restriction for food manufacturers. Without gluten, their gluten-free starch solutions still effectively enhance elastic texture, glossy appearance, excellent melt in mouth, and desirable flavor release.


Another ultimate alternative for people with gluten intolerance is opened up here with SMS gluten-free starch solutions. They help manufacturers to deliver the wider choice to customers with desirable softness, chewiness and excellent binding properties for baked goods.


A healthy diet plays its role importantly in consumer’s perceptions. Thus, non-Fat, low-fat, and fat-free food are in the hit. Consequently, SMS fat-free solutions are brought out to enhance creaminess, smoothness, mouthfeel, and organoleptic properties as the sense of fat mimic like.

SMS is seeking for the food and beverage partners to advance and lift up F&B products to the next level, meeting the right consumer’ demands and enlarging the food product range with their advanced food innovation.

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