IFF releases 2015 sustainability report

3 Jun 2016

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has released its 2015 sustainability results in a report entitled “Creating a Sustainable Future,” and announced the launch of a new sustainability strategy.

IFF releases 2015 sustainability report

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has released its 2015 sustainability results in a report entitled “Creating a Sustainable Future,” and announced the launch of a new sustainability strategy. IFF says it is embracing a new aspirational vision to lead positive transformational changes toward a regenerative, healthy and abundant world.

“Sustainability is critical to our success as a business,” said Andreas Fibig, Chairman and CEO of IFF. “2015 was a testament to our progressive and forward-thinking approach as sustainable leaders within our industry and the results highlighted in our 2015 sustainability report illustrate that perfectly. But our focus must always be on what is next, not what we’ve done. For that reason, we have launched our ambitious new sustainability vision and strategy that we believe can create a positive and measurable difference in the world.”

As an enabler of IFF’s Vision 2020 business strategy, creating a sustainable future is essential to IFF’s long-term growth, the company said. As such, the new sustainability strategy is centred on three main aspects: Positive Principles, Regenerative Products and Sensational People. Through this strategy, IFF says it is committed to engaging its people and partners to ask “what if?” – and to tackle complex challenges by reimagining what is possible when sustainability, innovation and passion combine.

In developing the new strategy, IFF notes that its team immersed itself in the principles of the circular economy and drew inspiration from Cradle to Cradle design thinking, which both prioritise designing products and processes for resource effectiveness, recovery and reutilisation. A circular economy, in contrast to a linear “take¬–make¬–dispose” economy, is one where there is no waste and products are optimised for use to move safely through the biological and technical cycles.

“We have made excellent progress with our current strategy over the past five years, which created the foundation for the pioneering work we are beginning to engage in today,” said Kip Cleverley, Director, Global Sustainability for IFF. “Our evolved strategy inspires us to rethink the possibilities of sustainability within the context of a circular economy, and ultimately pave the way for transformational change – both within our industry and the broader global community.”

With the release of its 2015 sustainability report “Creating a Sustainable Future”, IFF says it celebrates important milestones on the path to the new sustainability vision and strategy.

According to the company, notable 2015 accomplishments include:

+ Year-over-year company-wide reductions in water use, energy use and greenhouse gas emission intensities

+ CDP Climate “A” List rating and a perfect score of 100 in disclosure and an “A” in performance by the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index

+ Formalised support of the United Nations Global Compact and the American Business Act on Climate Pledge

More recently, IFF launched what it claims is the first-ever Cradle to Cradle Certifie fragrance, PuraVita, at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in New York, and will soon celebrate a new on-site wind turbine at its Tilburg, Netherlands facility – an industry first, the company says.

“Pioneering firsts such as our proof of concept fragrance PuraVita and our new wind turbine are not only breakthroughs for our company,” said Nicolas Mirzayantz, Group President, Fragrances, and Executive Sustainability Sponsor “but powerful examples where we are intentionally using a regenerative mindset to design products and processes to enable and enhance well-being, for both people and our planet.”