Lycored announces tomato-based anti-ageing ingredient

21 Nov 2019

Lycored has launched a new wellness extract specially created to support ageing. Lumenato is described as a carefully calibrated extract of natural tomato nutrients and antioxidants optimised to work synergistically and offer proven benefits for beauty and skin wellness.

Designed for application in supplements, the company says it expects the ingredient to become one of the company's flagship products, alongside its best-selling, Lycomato.

Lycored announces tomato-based anti-ageing ingredient

Sourced from a proprietary, exotic tomato breed, Lumenato is the result of Lycored's "beyond natural" philosophy. It is produced using a C02, solvent-free extraction process which keeps nutrients as close as possible to their natural form while maximising their potency and synergy. This means it supports a solvent-free declaration for ingestible skin care applications.

Rony Patishi-Chillim, CEO of Lycored, said: "Ingestible skincare is one of the most exciting categories in nutrition right now. There's huge demand for natural, scientifically proven supplements that can help the skin age beautifully. Lumenato meets a range of market needs and I'm delighted to welcome a new flagship product to our portfolio."

Lumenato is designed to allow natural phytonutrients to help the skin age beautifully by maintaining its softness, resilience, and suppleness, and boosting its ability to maintain natural radiance and inner glow. Recent research by Lycored found that these are key goals for skincare users, with 77% saying natural appearance is important to them, and 72% seeking a healthy glow.

Lycored notes that studies have linked carotenoids to physical attractiveness, believed to be the result of their powerful antioxidative action. Lumenato contains the carotenoids phytofluene phytoene, and zeta-carotene in optimal concentrations for beauty parameters.

Extensive testing in clinical settings is said to have shown Lumenato to be bioavailable and to significantly elevate levels of the active phytonutrients. Studies have demonstrated that it can support the skin's natural ability to calm the response to pro-inflammatory cytokines and maintain natural collagen levels.

Etgar Levy-Nissenbaum, SVP, Global R&D at Lycored, said that the product is the result of years of research and testing, as well as a vertically integrated production process.

Karin Hermoni, Head of Science, Health, at Lycored, said: "As we grow older, our skin requires greater upkeep to maintain its softness, radiance and resilience. Lumenato harnesses the natural power of the tomato to support skin from the inside out and help us age beautifully."

Lumenato is currently patent pending. It is plant-based, vegetarian, allergen free, gluten free, Kosher and Halal, and Non-GMO Project-Verified.