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Magellan Life Sciences is a synthetic biology company that discovers and develops plant inspired proteins for commercial applications in Food and Beverage industries. Magellan’s proprietary protein production platform XSeed bridges the gap from R&D to consumer markets by allowing for economically viable industrial scale production of unique natural proteins. The sweet tasting protein Brazzein is the leading product from our pipeline. Brazzein holds significant commercial potential as the next-gen protein sweetener that is 1200 times sweeter than sugar, zero caloric, pH and heat stable. Unlike all its competitors, Brazzein has a sugar-like taste with no bitter or metallic aftertaste, thus requiring zero masking agents, thereby reducing formulation and product costs; a high value proposition for today’s F&B industry. Using XSeed, we have developed a patented commercially viable production process for Brazzein. Magellan is currently seeking strategic investment for its seed round, joint ventures and collaboration...

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Sales markets Asia; Australia; Central/South America; Eastern Europe; North America; Western Europe
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