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Microfertile was founded in 2018 in Ivory Coast. Microfertile's mission is to create jobs in the rural areas and to assist particularly young people in their development. For the first time, through the activities of Microfertile, farmers' wives are strongly incorporated in the value chain of cocoa and cashew and thus improving the income of the producers' families. Microfertile set up agricultural processing plants in order to add value to the local production of cocoa and cashew nuts, and to provide a chocolate selection made in Côte d’Ivoire to the national and international market.

The company participates in trade shows to present the ingredients of the Ivorian rural population processed with great care for quality and traceability. 2/3 of product sales revenue goes to rural women's associations to finance their activities. A very small quantity of the raw material is already organic certified, but most of the products are produced naturally without an organic certification yet.

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