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Through innovation, focus and leadership in the monk fruit industry spanning more than a decade, Monk Fruit Corp. has positioned itself as a global pioneer and the world's leading monk fruit company. As a result, our monk fruit products are used by many of the world's largest food and beverage companies. Monk Fruit Corp. is the only company with in-house expertise spanning the entire monk fruit supply chain, from seedling cultivation to final processing. This unique capability gives us unrivaled control over raw material quality and volume, allowing us to guarantee quality and continuity of supply to our customers. We have offices in China, New Zealand and US.

Monk Fruit Corp. is a New Zealand/China Joint Venture and is the only company in the world that is focused solely on the cultivation and processing of monk fruit. Monk Fruit Corp is the world’s leading monk fruit company in terms of market share and product range. It has earned this title through more than a decade dedicated to innovation and leadership in the monk fruit industry. Monk
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Sales markets Africa; Asia; Australia; Central/South America; Eastern Europe; Middle East; North America
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