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The basic sphere of «Mountain Herbs» company business is collection of wild-growing mountain herbs and their subsequent proceeding. 

The company offers dried up medicinal herbs, phytoteas, natural essential oils and also ether waters applied in pharmaceutical, perfumery-cosmetic and the food-processing industry. The offered herbs are growing in remote areas of Uzbekistan (Chatkal crest of Tian-Shan mountains) at 1000-3500m height above sea level, i.e. in such places, where human activity is impeded and therefore neither pesticide, nor herbicides and other poisoning chemicals can be applied. The raw materials within 3-12 hours delivered to processing site and straight forward trigger to manufacture.

Climatic and geographical conditions of this region are so favorable that the vegetative raw materials possess the highest quality, and are non-polluting (confirmed by the European certificate IMO (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) No 889/2008).

Products: Essential oils and dried herbs: Hypericum scabrum, Achillea...

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