Musashino Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.

Musashino Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.


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Musashino Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. is located in the state-level Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a foreign-owned enterprise invested by Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd. in China in 2000, the world's high-quality lactic acid manufacturer.
Founded in 1949, Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd. is the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality synthetic lactic acid with more than 70 years of expertise and advanced production technology. China Musashino, as its sole overseas enterprise, is committed to the development and innovation of the high-end lactic acid manufacturing industry, using the latest biotechnology and advanced refining technology, starch and glucose as raw materials, in strict accordance with the ISO international quality system for full control management. The production of natural lactic acid and its salt and ester series products with world class quality sells well in domestic and foreign markets.

Based on the sustainable development of the green bio-chemical field, adhering to the concept of "harmonious development between man and nature", and fulfilling the global strategic responsibilities of Musashino Group, China Musashino is committed in the field of organic chemicals with high quality lactic acid and special amino acid as the core. In recent years, we have developed and launched a series of high purity food additives such as AGAR, calcium lactate and compound preservative. With the help of high-tech development, it meets the high-quality and diversified needs of global users.

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Primary business activity Manufacturer: Ingredients / Additives
Affiliated categories: Amino Acids |Fish /Marine ingredients |Flavour Enhancers More

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Musashino Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.

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