Nutrifish, NEW Global manufacturer of marine ingredients

17 Oct 2018

Our mission is to nurture and preserve health by using marine natural resources responsibly.

The traceability of all our products is controlled from raw materials to finished products.
We produce a wide range of marine ingredients:
- Marine calcium, hydroxyapatite
- Cod powder
- Bioactives Peptides
- Cold extracted oils
We launched a natural calcium, 100% Hydroxyapatite ideal for nutritional supplement and dietary applications. This form is highly bioavailable to assist in the growth and maintenance of bones and muscle function.
Is the first 100% Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite produced from sustainable fish species. Is also the only calcium that is a natural 2:1 ratio with phosphorous.

We equaly offer a natural COD POWDER. The fine powder has a strong cod flavor, brings all fish proteins and minerals and is soluble which makes it easy to use for food or soup application.

We also offer natural active peptides from salmonids and white fish. These powders contain a minimum of 82% soluble protein. These peptides suit dietary food applications, sport and functional diets.

Thanks to the know-how and the controls put in place by Nutrifish, we can guarantee the standardization of our products as well as their regularity.

Nutrifish, NEW Global manufacturer of marine ingredients