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REAL FOOD; REAL FOOD NUTRITION! GrandFusion® by NutriFusion is a blend of fruits and/or vegetables that can significantly increase the nutritional profile and, therefore, the marketability of food, beverage, supplement products and pet food. 

  • An all-natural nutritionally dense nutrient powder from fruits and vegetables. 
  • Real food nutrition.  
  • An extremely clean label with no chemicals, synthetics, or “unpronounceable” words. 
  • Easy to formulate as it has no impact on taste, flavor, pallet feel etc. 
  • Highly concentrated – 450 mgs will provide 100% of the Daily Value. 
  • Excellent bioavailability and bioabsorption. 
  • GrandFusion® supports the front panel claims with the nutritional panel and ingredient deck. 
  • GrandFusion® can extend shelf life due to the high levels of antioxidants (both from vitamins and polyphenols in the fruits and vegetables), in products such as baked goods, yogurt, etc. 
  • Research to support all claims.

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