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Peruvian Nature's New Look!

7 Nov 2018

A new face for Peruvian Nature. Today is a very exciting day! It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil the rebranding of Peruvian Nature through the launching of our new website and visual identity. 

  •  Visit us at our new website: www.peruviannature.com
  • We believe in doing things well and consciously. Conscious of the work we carry out and of the process this entails, of that which surrounds us, and of the consequences of what we do. This way of thinking and acting forms the foundation of everything we do at Peruvian Nature. Our reasoning is simple. We can explain. It is the result of working in a respectful way and investing love and passion in everything we do, however small it may be. Because when you work this way, the results are impressive. Not only for you but for the people and the environment that surrounds you.

Peruvian Nature has met with numerous challenges over the past three years: we launched new products, almost doubled the size of our equipment and increased the number of kilos produced per month. Overall, we have been blessed.In 2018, we decided to take a step back to observe all that we have attained thus far. During this process, it became apparent that this was an ideal time to renew our image, strengthen our trademark. and disseminate and affirm our values. However, we did not want to assume this task alone; that is why we called on our experts and team to participate by sending some of our collaborators and clients surveys, and - of course - we also took into consideration the essential role of our suppliers. The renewal of the image implied not only a great deal of dedication, but also care and responsibility. We sought to have our new logo, new colors, and new image transmit a profound meaning at all levels and to reflect who we really are as persons who make up the Peruvian Nature family.

Peruvian Nature's New Look!
Visit our new website!

The new logo of Peruvian Nature represents nature. An open flower, which represents growth and life. The flower is accompanied by two leaves at the base, representing the hands that hold the flower as an example of respect, love, and care. This is the result of awareness and respect, in unison with our promise: Consciously Well Done.   Our new colors are vibrant, full of life, inspired by our three regions: coast, highlands, and jungle of Peru. Our new image and illustrations reflect our products and the people that make it possible for Peruvian Nature to continue growing.   October 2018 represents a month of change and, while our appearance has changed, our commitment to nutrition, natural health, and organic life remains unwavering and firm. Our fundamental values continue to be a deep dedication to quality, teamwork, and respect for the environment, our collaborators and suppliers.   In closing, we would like to inform you that throughout the next few weeks, we will be updating our online presence and redesigning our printed materials.  A change like this involves many steps and will take time until we can fully and comprehensively finalize this process. We appreciate your patience and understanding.  We hope you enjoy the new image of Peruvian Nature as much as we do. With warm regards,  Damian Silva

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