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Polmlek Group - is the largest private dairy company in Poland with 100% Polish capital. It has been successfully implementing its strategy for almost 30 years and is gaining more and more market share, especially thanks to canvassings.

In 2022, three plants joined the Polmlek Group - CEKO Goliszew, JAGR Warlubie and Safilait in Morocco. Africa is the fastest-growing market currently.

15 production plants, many warehouse spaces, 5000 qualified employees, unique recipes, modern technologies, good logistics facilities - this is how the Polmlek Group can be briefly described.

Polish milk only - The Polmlek Group cooperates with almost 9600 dairy farms. Our suppliers apply the highest standards of animal husbandry, care for their welfare, and provide high-quality feed. The purchased milk is a raw material with very good parameters, controlled in specialized laboratories. All to be ensure that our products are healthy, fresh and delicious.

Selected varieties of vegetables and fruits - The secret of the perfect taste of Fortuna, Pysio and Garde...

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Primary business activity Manufacturer: Finished Food Products
Affiliated categories: Dairy More

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