Potato Starch Alternative from SMS

8 Aug 2019

Deliver the alternative of potato starch with preferable performance, security for supply and less spend.

In general, potato starch offers unique properties such as translucency, long gel structure, water-holding capacity, glossy and bland taste, applying in various application; noodles, processed meat, dumplings, and snack food. 

Potato Starch Alternative from SMS
Potatao starch, Potato Alternative, Modified Starch, Tapioca starch

During recent years, potatoes have been in shortage crisis, many manufacturers had deal with the alternative solutions to continually run their food products. As SMS, we bring out the ultra-performance of modified tapioca starches for potato alternative solution.  Providing various application uses; meat products – KREATION® M2 and KREATION® 10CL, frozen product – KREATION OP, KREATION D2 and snack products– KREATION® 10CS.  With the impressive outcome in water retention, yield and texture improvement and freeze-thaw stability, we ensure to solve and replace all potatoes’ properties.