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Tereos is convinced that one way to respond to the future nutritional needs of the world population is to develop plant proteins. This is a key priority for Tereos, the world’s second largest producer of native wheat protein. It invests heavily in the development of plant proteins, dedicating nearly 50% of its research & development budget to nutrition. Tereos has made multiple step changes in the optimisation of plant proteins over the last 20 years.


·        Vital wheat gluten Amygluten®
Tereos offers a tool enabling to recommend gluten qualities that meet customer's application requirements.

·        Functional soluble wheat proteins Meripro®
The company has developed soluble wheat proteins to target high solubility at any pH, making protein enrichment easier in a large scope of applications.

·        Texturised wheat proteins
Thanks to its patented process, which received an award at the French “World Innovation Contest” in 2015, Tereos has developed a healthy, tasty, easy-to-cook plant-based product that is ideal for all recipe types”

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