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PT. Rote Karaginan Nusantara (RKN) is a family owned enterprise established in 2016.

Our headquarters houses the largest food ingredient processing plant
in the region and the first of its kind. It is located 25km south of Kupang, the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), a province deep in the southeast of Indonesia.

We are dedicated to producing the best quality carrageenan from the best sources of quality seaweed. We only accept materials that meet our stringent requirements. We analyse and process them in compliance with food safety standards, all led by our highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the carrageenan industry

Our primary produce is Technical and Food Grade Kappa and Iota Semi-refined Carrageenan customized to meet our clients individual specifications.

One of the goals in setting up RKN was to support sustainable sea farming practices for the more than 5000 seaweed farmers that we work with.

From the Rote-Flores-Alor areas in the NTT province all the way to the Kei archipelago in the Mal...

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Sales markets Africa; Asia; Australia; Central/South America; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Western Europe
Primary business activity Manufacturer: Ingredients / Additives; Raw Material Supplier
Affiliated categories: Emulsifiers / Lecithins More

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PT.Rote Karaginan Nusantara

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