22 Oct 2021

Our chunks make a delicious snack and also as ingredient for down-stream products such as snacks, cereal mix, bakery and confectionery, toppings, chocolate coating and others.

Highly nutritious coconut chunk is a ready-to-eat gourmet. Coconut chunk is big size coconut nugget around approximately thickness 6mm. With it good aroma, texture, crispy and crunchy characteristic it can be used as snack can be directly consumed or ingredient for food industries. Coconut chunks come in 6 flavours - original, spicy, honey, caramel and black pepper and durian.


We produce unique chunky crunchy coconut. Our coconut product has longer shelf life, no rancid, crunchy, good aroma and texture. Our products do not have cholesterol, no coloring, no preservative, gluten free and high in fibre.

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