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Rodolfi Mansueto SpA, stands since over 120 years for the excellence of the "MADE in ITALY". We are situated in the north of Italy, the so called “Food Valley”, where we produce not only Tomato Paste, Chopped tomatoes, Crushed tomatoes, Tomato Purèe, Tomato based sauces and tomato powder, but also a large selection of oven dried vegetables (for example air dried tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin,courgette), wine powder, the base for pesto and finished red and green pesto. We are offering high quality products for the Food Service, Retail Business, Normal Trade and for the Industry. Our company stands for tradition, quality and innovation which makes us a strong partner for the future.

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Sales markets Africa; Asia; Australia; Central/South America; Eastern Europe; Middle East; North America; Western Europe
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