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he great master of mystic folk poetry in 19th is, undoubtedly, Minstrel Seyrani. Seyrani is our powerful minstrel, whose genius, sarcasm, criticism, in a sense, suppressing mysticism, who is a daredevil to fight against injustice, bribery, cruelty, social imbalances, rough pietism, immorality, without fear and hesitation, in the meantime, utters his efficient, lasting poems in public with his saz without pushing away the requirement of his beliefs, without departing away from lyrical structure and utterance. The facts that the majority of his poems have not lost their actuality and that he has gaining a great respect among the people are the symbols of Seyrani's power.

Minstrel Seyrani was born in the district, which is now called Develi but formerly known as Everek, of Kayseri, and passed away in his birthplace. He was the son of Cafer Hoca, an imam of a poor neighborhood. His real name is Mehmet. According to a finding, he was born in 1807 and died in 1866. However, there is also doubt about the accuracy of these dates. Seyrani does not even have a tombstone; according to a rumor, thanks to the researches made by the Late Minstrel Ali Çatak Bey, it is claimed that his tombstone is on the southeast corner of the Develi High School, which is located in present Develi district.

Starting from Madazı Village (Now called Yazıbaşı Village) of Develi district of Kayseri in the 1950s, our adventure continues with the export of tens of types and thousands of tons of organic Turkish cereals, pulses, spices and oil seeds to 65 countries of the world. With the sprit we inspired from Minstrel Seyrani and many other Turkish minstrels, by capturing the hearths instead of breaking them, we thrive every day with the principle of the human is first rather than principle of the material is first…

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Seyrani Agro Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

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