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Shinsegae Food has the best quality competitiveness in all business sectors, including food distribution, food manufacturing, dining out, consignment meals, and bakeries, vertically integrating key functions across the business, from sourcing food ingredients to R&D, production/processing, storage/logistics and sales.
In particular, to improve the competitiveness of raw goods businesses such as agriculture, fisheries, and livestock, advanced purchasing techniques such as cultivation of contracts, consignment farming, and stockpiling are taking the lead in innovating and advancing food distribution structures.
In particular, recently, it has been leading the premium HMR market with taste, nutrition, and convenience by directly producing B2C retail products and B2B large-capacity products for the food distribution business. It produces and supplies NB (National Brand) products such as Olbaan, Fresh Club as well as various PB (Private Brand) products such as distributor brand products developed in connection with hypermarkets and convenience stores, or E-Mart PEACOCK products.
Shinsegae Food, which has been providing advanced meal services for the past 30 years with customer satisfaction such as taste, quality, sanitary safety, and service as its top priority, provides premium food services tailored to each customer group through thorough on-site analysis and customer counseling.
In addition, Shinsegae Food is striving to meet many customers by predicting rapidly changing food and beverage trends at home and abroad, constantly attempting new concepts, running competitive restaurant brands such as Devils Door, Olbaan, Bonobono, No Brand Burger, Johnny Rocket, and Oslo.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Primary business activity Manufacturer: Food & Beverage Finished Products
Affiliated categories: Whole Foods and Foods for Special Diets |Meat Replacements More

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