Silvateam and JRS Group: Two multinational family owned companies join forces to grow pectin business

14 Nov 2019

The agreement provides for the entry of the German group into the capital of the Silvateam Food Ingredients.

JRS Silvateam Ingredients Srl., a joint venture between the Italian group Silvateam Spa and the German JRS Group was closed in order to join forces in the production and sales of pectin and texturizing systems as well as distribution of tara gum. The joint venture will invest significantly in development and production of novel vegetable based texturizing solutions with high consumer acceptance to respond to the increasing demand for label friendly food ingredients.

Silvateam and JRS Group: Two multinational family owned companies join forces to grow pectin business

The groups aim to build a world class player for food ingredients.

“The joint venture will allow our Group to accelerate the investment plan in the Food Ingredients sector. We have developed a growing worldwide market for our products and we are about to start investing in a significant new product line. The JV will leverage both partners’ technical competences, R&D know how and commercial network synergies with significant positive impacts on market penetration" - comments the President of the Advisory board of Silvateam Food Ingredients, Antonio Battaglia - “With this joint venture, the Battaglia and Rettenmaier entrepreneurial families will start an important journey together and it is the confirmation for our Group that the choice made over 10 years ago to invest in the Food Ingredients was a winner”, continues Alessandro Battaglia, President of Silvateam Spa.

“As a leader in insoluble dietary fiber and functional food hydrocolloids the JRS Group is pleased to strengthen its portfolio with pectin, tara gum and functional texturizing systems. The portfolio of JRS Silvateam Ingredients Srl. in particular complements JRS’s alginate and cellulose product lines in a synergistic way and enables to offer speciality solutions by extended functional texturizing systems. Together with Silvateam we enhance our leadership position for vegetable based and label friendly food ingredients”, says Josef Otto Rettenmaier, President & CEO of the JRS Group.