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Sonic Biochem Extractions Ltd


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Sonic Biochem is the largest NON-GMO soya food & pharma ingredient company in central India. It's capability for creating new/niche products & marketing drive has placed it among the fastest growing companies in the country. Exporting to 42 countries with strong distribution in Asia, Europe, Africa & USA. Sonic has four international standard manufacturing facilities.Our commitment to quality is evident from the various quality and system certifications we have obtained -ISO22000, Food Safety & Standard Certificate, ISO9000-2008, Cert ID, Kosher,Halal, & GMP++.

Our range of soya ingredients include:- Lecithin Powder & Liquid Phosphetidyl Choline, TVP & Flour, Flakes and SPC. Our Products are used by renowned international food processing/chocolate/confectionary/meat processing industries

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Sales markets Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Africa, Central/South America
Affiliated categories: Emulsifiers |Proteins More

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Sonic Biochem Extractions Ltd

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