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Sudeep Nutrition Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Sudeep Pharma Pvt Ltd, stands at the forefront of innovation in the realm of food and nutraceutical ingredients. Established in 2021 as a response to the burgeoning global food and nutraceutical industry, Sudeep Nutrition envisions a healthier society through the production of premium quality food ingredients.

Building on the legacy of its parent company, Sudeep Pharma, a distinguished global manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients and mineral actives catering to both the pharmaceutical and food sectors, Sudeep Nutrition has swiftly emerged as a beacon of expertise in the nutrition sector.

Sudeep Nutrition specializes in a diverse array of ingredients, including liposomal, spray-dried, encapsulated, granulated, caseinates, fat powders, and triturates. However, its paramount focus lies in the production of micronutrient premixes for food fortification and dietary supplements. This strategic emphasis on precision and quality aligns seamlessly with its overarching goal of contributing to the betterment of public health and well-being.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and propelled by the rich legacy of Sudeep Pharma, Sudeep Nutrition is dedicated to propelling the food and nutraceutical industry forward through innovation, expertise, and a resolute dedication to producing ingredients that enrich lives on a global scale.

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Primary business activity Manufacturer: Ingredients / Additives
Affiliated categories: Contract manufacturing |Dairy |Encapsulation More

Upcoming events

14 may 2024

Vitafoods Europe 2024

14 - 16 May 2024 - Geneva, Switzerland Visit us at stand E184, G254 Book a meeting See our Exhibitor Profile   See full Exhibitor List

Recently at

20 sep 2023

Vitafoods Asia 2023

20 - 22 Sept 2023 Bangkok, Thailand We were at stand H05 See our Exhibitor Profile   See full Exhibitor List
17 aug 2023

Fi India 2023

17 - 19 August 2023 Mumbai, India We were at stand B38 See our Exhibitor Profile   See full Exhibitor List
1 may 2023

Vitafoods Europe Online and In-Person

1 - 12 May 2023 - Online We were at stand H200 See our Exhibitor Profile   See full Exhibitor List
Sudeep Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

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