Tezkim Tarimsal Kimya A.Ş

Tezkim Tarimsal Kimya A.Ş


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In parallel with the development of technology and industry, the need for energy increases day by day and fossil fuels are decreasing continuously. The disturbance of the natural balance by the fossil fuels that are one of the most significant reasons for global warming increases the need for alternative fuels. Hence, search for new and renewable energy resources gain significance particularly in foreign – dependent countries in terms of oil.

With the impact of the world – wide energy shortage and the oil shock, our company, which aims to succeed in the energy sector, has completed its bio – ethanol investment, one of the alternative energy resources, in 2008 and has started production.

We rightly pride ourselves upon supporting the new and renewable energy resources vision of our country; the protection of agriculture and natural balance and the decrease of foreign – dependency.

Tezkim Tarimsal Kimya A.Ş

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