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A team of top Slovenian experts at the Institute of Chemistry develops a special, water-soluble form of coenzyme Q10 , which can also be used in syrup form. The initiative for this comes from the Ljubljana pediatric clinic, where coenzyme Q10 is used in children with certain diseases, but then it is only available in the form of "awkward" capsules and tablets.

The marketing of the invention was taken over by Valens, which was still very small at the time, and called it Q10Vital® . From it, they develop the Quvital® line of premium nutritional supplements and find a place for it in all pharmacies across Slovenia.

In collaboration with external institutions, Valens conducts a clinical study to prove the improved bioavailability of Quvital® products. The results show that coenzyme Q10 in the form of Q10Vital® is as much as 4 times better absorbed compared to regular, fat-soluble coenzyme Q10.

Valens produces the first oral spray with vitamin D - Valens D-plus. For it, we also received an award from the Institute of...

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