Vitosa® Stevia Receives FEMA GRAS Approval as Natural Flavor

5 Nov 2019

The Flavor Extracts Manufacturers Association (FEMA) has issued GRAS approval (generally recognized as safe) for Vitosa® natural flavors, a new line of stevia products from HB Natural Ingredients, a subsidiary of BGG.

Vitosa® natural flavors are specially designed to provide unique flavor modification properties that can be used to impart, enhance or modify the flavor profile of a wide range of food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications. The result of patent-pending technological innovation, Vitosa® natural flavors are manufactured by natural ingredients producer HB Natural Ingredients, a subsidiary of BGG World.

Vitosa® Stevia Receives FEMA GRAS Approval as Natural Flavor

Vitosa® has a broad range of product applications including carbonated soft drinks, juices, energy and sports drinks, flavored water, dairy products, cookies and candies. Vitosa® natural flavors are synergistic with a wide range of natural sugars and high-intensity sweetener sugar-reduced and sugar-free food and beverage products. They improve the overall sensory performance of natural and artificial high-intensity sweeteners by increasing the sweetening power up to 50% in added sugar water at the authorized doses, which provides full-bodied mouthfeel and improved flavor and aroma. Vitosa® is also synergistic with low-calorie and slow release carbohydrate sweeteners and rare sugars.

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